Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hermés Gets Knotty

What's the next best thing after getting a Birkin Bag? (I'm tempted to say nothing..!) Getting a complimentary gift from Hermés completely out of the blue. Well not exactly, but because you spent some cash too, but hey! Any free gift from Hermés for that matter is fun and exciting.

So you can imagine my excitement for getting Hermés Knotting Cards as a complimentary gift. Anything wrapped in an dark orange box with brownish/black ribbon would surely gets me over the moon.

These fabulous little playing cards will give you some tips and tricks on how to accessorize your wardrobe and truly make the most of your Hermés scarff. Each card has knotting instructions on one side, and on the reverse, a photo of the model wearing the style presented as shown below. Click on the images to enlarge. Easy, simple and fun. I never knew you could do soooo many things and come up with different looks with an Hermés scarf. Very interesting.

Do you own an Hermés scarf? If yes, how do you wear it? If no, are you planning to buy one?


Fastidious Babe said...

i saw the knotting "tactics" on purseblog.. got me interested for some time.. but im gonna have to pass on the scarf.. not for another 5 years or so anyways! x

Anonymous said...

I have 3 different hermes scarfs, as it's definitly a classic item for a french girl. I like to put it as a belt on a jean with a simple tshirt. And here in kuwait, it 's too hot tu put around my neck... but where did you buy yours and got these great cards ? I want them!!!!!! sophie

Anonymous said...

well.. its every girl's dream to own a birkin bag!
but recently in kuwait this became a HABBA!! i had my eye on the birkins like 6yrs ago.. bas tawhom yhboon feehom!... u know what made me think of not getting one anymore is that even young girls are carring a 6000$ bag! so what if those girls reach their 30s what are they gonna carry then?!
ppl in kuwait doesnt know how to live 3ala 3omorhom! it became easy for them to buy things o chethi.. birkins are for ppl 25+ yrs old.. one thing.. i went to the avenues once i saw 2 girls and their mom caring birkins ALL OF THEM!!! come on guy esh-hal habba!!!! hermes tara wayed qadeema!! bas tawkom eta3arefoon 3alaiha ethaher :p

Anonymous said...

i so agree with you.. it's like you just heard about it,it's been here a decade ago..It drives me mad why these little kids are carrying expensive handbags.Spoiled brats! They don't appreciate things in life! I swear the moment ppl wear a brand i like i stop wearing it.

EVE said...

I agreed with you girls , I really regret that I was saving a budget for my birkin as well as 50% of the "spoiled brats" are having the replicas hermes bags IMAGINE !
which i really find it tafaahaa ! because unless I cant afford it why do i have the replica one only for the sake of people !!
aham shai I satisfy my self !
I have my own 5 years ago , and now as you all see kelman labes,haa !

Anonymous said...

the cards are such a creative idea.. i dont know if id buy a scarf myself tho.. but the cool thing is you can apply those knotting cards on any kinda scarf.. which is cool...
great blog btw.. keep up the good work.. said...
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HMBA said...

I love the Hermes Twilly's, small and easier to use in the heat of our countries. I wrap them around my bags to give them a fresher look when i am bored with them, its like having a new bag.


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