Friday, June 27, 2008

A Cultural Treat at DarUSHA

Now that Ramadan is just around the corner, your body-conscious diet can be put on hold since you'll be wearing loose darra'a (traditional dress) most of the time for iftar or ghabga. If you still didn't buy a fancy darra'a to wear during Ramadan, then you need to check out the new collection of vibrant and multicultural darra'at at DarUSHA.

The collection offers a vast choice of colorful darra'at that are long with full sleeves. Most designs included the must-have waist cinching belt to add a touch of femininity and definition. And at the same time, they are loose enough to hide your overstuffed and bloated tummy after iftar. Here's a quick look at what's available in-store now.

DarUSHA is an exclusive villa boutique, tucked away in one one of the historical Behbehani houses. The boutique offers a variety of dresses, darra'at, and tops which have a mixture of east-meets-west and give a modern twist to some traditional outfits. DarUSHA is located at Qibla, behind Church. Beit AlMazar (17). For inquires, please call (+965) 2466570.

For more pictures, and info, you can log to DarUSHA facebook group: darUSHA


Ms. Baker said...

Thanks for the tip. Just got myself one new Ramadan dara3a, now I know where I will find my next :)

miss ghesquiere said...

i never got the whole obsession with 6al3at and 3azayim in ramadhan, its supposed to be a month about family and stuff! oh well..

Anonymous said...

El darare3 el ma3rootha a'3labhoom men ta9mem mo9amema kuwaiteya besem "Ra'3oda" tbee3 her designs fe DarUSHA plus ma3arethha el 5a9a.

BlueMoon said...

darUSHA deals mostly with established indian designers, and some cool american labels. But I hear that now, for Ramadan, they opened the door for new kuwaiti talents to showcase their creations in their shop.

Johara said...

Is there a way i could contact the designer of the dara3at in the pictures? Im outside of kuwait, but fell in love with two of the designs! I would like to see if i could call and get my hands on them, and send someone over to pick them up and pay for them!
Thnx so much!

Anonymous said...

Call the shop, they deliver world wide.

Basbousa said...


Sn3a said...

men 9ej 7lween
m3anne ma7eb 3azayem rmthan bs en kan 3ndee darra3a chethee ra7 a7bhom

Seema said...



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