Sunday, June 8, 2008

Copy Cat: Schouler Studded Sandals

If you've been keeping up to date with Sex and the City fashion, then you'd probably already noticed the forever fabulous Carrie sporting a pair of to-die-for Proenza Schouler 's triple strap python studded heels.

Luckily for you fashionistas out there in K-town, my fashion radars have spotted almost identical style of the Proenza Schouler Studded Sandals at our favourite shopping destination, Al Othman. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw them. Those are the type of sandals that pull your look together and make you look unique. You could be wearing a potato sack for all I care and still look gorgeous in those killer heels.

The only difference between Carrie's sandals and the ones at Al Othman is that it's a 2-strap sandals (instead of 3) and it's not in python skin, which means you'll be spending a whole lot less cash. The heels are priced at KD 219. I say get them while you still can.

And if you still fancy the look but dread the thought of wearing high heels, then get the flat version of the studded heels. Stylish minus the pain. Price tag? KD 149.

Al Othman is located at Mariam Complex, Salem AlMubarak St, Salmiya. For inquires, please call (+965) 575-4954.


hmba said...

Check out the Sex and the City book by Felicia Sullivan. Its pages are full of Pics from the series & the movie, including every outfit, shoes, and bags the girls wore broken down to the designer!

Check link :

Confashion said...

Thaaaaaaanks ;)That's sth I would treasure forever..

Anonymous said...

where is al othman excatlly is it downstairs ??

ladywhisper said...

Very stylish,, i like them :)

Anonymous said...

They are 182 KD on Net-A-Porter compared to the 219 KD in Al-Othman!

Anonymous said...

the 3rd strap makes such a difference!!!!!! with only 2 it doesnt look half as good in heels. the flats look much better

Anonymous said...

isn't it kind of vulgar?!

miss ghesquiere said...

its actually 204 KD anonymous #2, you have to remember that 2 pounds is not 1 KD anymore. factor in shipping and yi6la3lich a lot more expensive!
speaking of shoes confash, i wanted to tell you about these super-limited Louboutins (!!) since it7ibeen hal sowalif. just go on my blog:

Anonymous said...

those are such a must have shoe!
I lurrrrrrrrve them. I actually tried on the flats and am debating but think will get them; when do the SALES start btw?
They have pretty much started everywhere else in the world

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 2, if you try and purchase the Proenza shoes you will realize that the difference is about 17kD after adding the charges and shipping on Net A Porter. Please note that the prices listed on Net A Porter are not the final prices.
We at AlOthman are very careful with our pricing and we tend to use the suggested retail prices given to us by suppliers and if we vary a bit from other online shopping web sites it would be due to high shipping costs. There are many instances where our prices are lower then Net A Porter.
Thank you for all your comments.
AlOthman Management

Anonymous said...

Has anyone bought them? I am wondering how they fit (the heel version)
Netaporter is lame most of the times.They do have the oddest most random pricing. Sometimes they are cheapere sometimes they are more expensive.
Just recently saw a pair of shoes on there that i bought elsewhere ONLINE (yup also online) for 200 Euros less...... can you believe it? And yup, the EXACT same shoe...... :x

La PETITE Blogger :) said...

I love this blog!!! so chic - those shoes are MAJOR - I'm a fashion stylist and I pulled them for a shoot - if you plan on taking a car everywhere then buy them at once! They are drop dead gorgeous :)

Nera said...

her blue skirt is so nice
is her skirt Proenza too?
and where can i find such a skirt?

miss ghesquiere said...

and yay confash! you finally got back to taking pics of stuff at stores!

mazeofthoughts said...

nice heels..:P

Pinky said...

I’m a huge fan these shoes


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