Sunday, April 20, 2008

The "No-Joke" Joke Bag

"Every time i meet a girl who can cook like my mother ... she looks like my father."
"My wife went to the beauty shop and got a mud pack. For two days she looked beautiful. Then the mud fell off."

Haha?? And I thought my cousin had a bad sense of humor. The pictured bag is one of the latest arrivals at Louis Vuitton's boutique at Salhiya Complex. This is the type of bag I refuse to spend a fils on. I would only accept it as a prank gift on April Fools Day, and on 2nd of April I would gladly recycle it to be used as a trash bag. I have to admit that the soft leather orange-ish LV python trimmed bag is practical in shape but has the most sexist jokes splattered all over it. I won’t be caught dead carrying it. The bag retails for KD 600+. If you think the bag is funny and would like to purchase it, they also carry a bigger purplish joke bag that looks pretty much like a shopping bag. It retails for KD 800+.

Moving on, I also found these LV runway pointy black patent pumps with pink rose patched on the front of the heels and visible stitching. The heels were a perfect combination of sexy and sweet. They are available in black and scarlet red for KD 338. Of course my picture does not do them justice at all, so I found another picture of them on But honestly? I wouldn't buy them for the summer?

Do you think LV's Joke Bags are funny? Or are you one of those people who find the beauty of the joke bag by how controversial and unfunny it is?


A Journal Entry said...

ugly ugly ugly!
the shoes are not bad though but they look wintery

master said...

i don't know why u hate this bag that much :)
i agree the jokes doesn't make any sense, bes it's like any LV bag ...3adiya, ako akhra3 minha.

the shoes i have tried on ...offfff ey3awer ...ele yabi ey3atheb a7ad eylabsa hal joti

HMBA said...

I reserved the pulp weekender which is part of the same line that Richard prince designed for LV. When it came into the store it looked like your typical counterfeit! this is a cynical ploy( just likes the jokes) that i wasn't about to fall for. Yes, its all a big laugh on the luxury obsessed culture we live in (Marc always plays that in his own line).It is funny,a bit tacky too but we don't have to carry it to laugh along lol..

Anonymous said...

I would love the bag without the jokes. The bag itself has beautiful features, genuine leather, it's a classic. The jokes . . . you are right, turns it into trash.

New Bride said...

no way it`s a fashion crime for me

Anonymous said...

I have seen the bag & there was something about it that i did not like ,it wasn't the jokes only that put me off but the
leather felt really tacky !

joy said...

well the leather as always l.v hits the best rank

but the jokes hmmmm
its all about woman and women are the one who carry the bag

so i think the joke is on us
its not funny at all abit silly
i wont buy it

and the prices are over rated what happened to the world today???

Yara said...

ugly ;/ but i like their new clutch in beige did u see it?

Anonymous said...

yes i totally agree with you. The bag is designed FOR women and plays sexist jokes AGAINST women. Which don't necessarily make any sense to me. I would never buy it.

Anonymous said...

girls, u need some sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

so tacky! i cannot believe anyone would pay 600kd for that

miss ghesquiere said...

please people, no one is making sexist jokes AGAINST women, the fashion world is made up of women and the rest is GAY! its just Marc trying too hard.. again. However, i LOVED the colored shoes (not the black), but they are sold at a plainly ridiculous price! (they increase prices of their products every year by 15%) 7aram, i could buy 2-3 superbly comfortable Pradas for that amount!

Anonymous said...

I think Designers are betting on WHO can make the ugliest bag and sell it. I swear todays media. I also thinks they raise the prices of ugly bags just to say, are you stupid enough to buy that excuse for a bag. Seriously how ever buys this trash can. They put the joike there for a reason the BAGS A JOKE :D. Seriously if LV gets this bag sold then they can sell ABOUT ANYTHING maybe drapes


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