Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Love VM But The Designer Doesn't!

Today I have received an invitation from Villa Moda to attend a special traditional Kuwaiti ceremony in honor of the opening of the new Villa Moda Almanshar, which will be held on Sunday 6th April 2008 at Almanshar Mall, Fahaheel around 8:00 PM.

I praise Villa Moda for their approach of hosting an event with a traditional Kuwaiti theme. I loved the concept of having a traditional Kuwaiti dance (Samri and Nagazzi) and requesting invitees to dress in traditional Kuwaiti attire: women in darra'as and men in dishadeesh. It would be very interesting to see who had the best looking daraa'a on.

However, I have 5 words to the person who designed the invitation shown above: "Seriously. What were you thinking?!!". Whoever came up with the invitation design needs to be punished! OK, that's a harsh word, so let's just say: he should be held responsible if anything goes wrong during the event, even if it's not related to design! Sounds fair to me. (Sorry VM guys, I love you all! but the truth needs to be told).

Anyways, this is an event I will make sure to go to as it sounds fun and will surely break our not-so-exciting weekly routines.


eshda3wa said...

take LOTS of pictures!

Anonymous said...

Truth be told the invite ain't that bad!
It's got a certain Souky feel to it which is just as well since this one's modeled on a traditional Souk and I am imagining Souk Moubarakiya in its heyday in the mid 70s and early 80s. The downside is the designer's been reading into a chhabra.

FourMe said...

The design is hideous!

I'm a VM lover but that design is just simply BAD..

dee said...

not only is the invitation ugly (the picture of course - not the concept), but it looks like it was done by an amateur in a rush. We've all seen MUCH cooler traditional kuwaiti pics of mbarkiya, etc, that they could've used. Where they thinking something ugly would catch more people's attention? Or maybe I'm overanalyzing now hehe

Anonymous said...

Poor Iranian guy. He shouldn't have allowed himself to be shot. You guys are being so mean.

Confashion said...

Will do ;)

It was sent out in an A4 paper.. And the "I heart VM" is slightly Redundant...

I couldn't agree more.

I also felt that the picture did not fit in with the whole concept. I have nothing against the guy featured in the photo!

It's not about the guy in the picture, the invitation was printed on an A4 paper and on one side has the details of the invite and the other side is where the design was shown.

Anonymous said...

i dont see anything wrong with this guy on the pic. this is what dowtown kuwait is all about . he just happened not to be fortunate enough to have lived near an oil refinery our dear american friends guided us to.... only kiddin.
its a cool invite, a cool kuwaiti dude and thats all you need to create a shocking contrast...

miss ghesquiere said...

i LOVE it! Its so hilarously un-trash-fash-kuwaiti-cuta it makes me sooo happy! color color happy!


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