Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From Bags To Riches

How many of you bag ladies out there have at least 1 designer handbag which you haven't worn for the past 5 years and can't bare the thought of giving it away (And no you can't turn it into a vintage one-of-a-kind item). How about you turn those designer handbags sitting in your closet into cash?

I just came upon this cool new service from a company called Preloved Bag. Apparently, they specialize in buying and selling pre-owned authentic designer handbags. In other words, they will do all the work for you. So you just relax, sit back, and when your bag sells, they "Show you the money!".

So how does this exactly work? Simple, you just call them for an appointment to visit their office (located at Arraya Complex), they'll inspect the goods, if they love your bags, they will pay you cash so that you can spend even more on things you want. Can't visit their office? They can arrange for a free pick-up service. How convenient is that?! I've already made my list of Preloved bags.

For more information and contact details, please visit Preloved Bag.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Luxury Designer Clearance Sale

Bargain hunters, mark your agendas. The huge Luxury Designer Clearance Sale is back and will start on 1st March 2008. From 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

At the Luxury Designer Clearance sale they will be selling men's and ladies luxury fashion. Prices will start from KD 5! Whilst stocks last. Who will participate? Villa Moda, Al Othman, and most of the stores which participated last year.

The women's fashion will be displayed at Taiba Tent located next to the Movenpick Hotel. And men's fashion will be displayed at Villa Moda's warehouse, Kuwait Free Trade Zone, Shuwaikh.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Malene Birger Summer Collection At Jade

I'm so excited that now most shops have started displaying their summer collection. The latest addition is Jade Fashion boutique, located at Marina Mall. Today they have received new collection from Danish designer By Malene Birger. The collection seems to be inspired by 60’s glamour with the short trapeze dresses (like the one shown here), shagadelic printed tops, and huge colored bracelets. The collection included fun, colored, hippie-like cotton tops perfect for a beach holiday and huge canvas beach bags. The prices ranged between KD 130 and KD 40.

For any questions about the collection or sizes, you can call Jade Fashion boutique at (+965) 224-4500.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chanel Bags on Discount?!

If you thought that getting a cheap Chanel bag that's within your budget is something too far fetched, then think again. You'll be surprised to know that Chanel's boutique located at Salhiya Complex is currently selling several bags, that are a maximum 1 or 2 seasons old, on discount. And we're not talking about a 2 or 5% discount here, these bags are 50% off their original price!

For some reason I always thought that Chanel bags never go on sale. But I guess the printed ones or the ones that are made out of the collection's main fabric have to go on sale. Anyways, I managed to take photos of these 2 beauties. What I love about those bags is that they're a classic shape that never goes out of style, their print is young and refreshing, plus they're quilted. I think they could be a collector's item. Both bags featured here are sold for approximately KD 250.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Summer Collection at American Retro

Check out the new collection of Spring/Summer 2008 at American Retro located at Salhiya Complex. Tel.: (+965) 2996468.

You can view the entire Spring/Summer collection here.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

And In The News...

  • You're invited to Suga Accessories exhibition which will be held at Bait Sharq from the 18th untill 20th of February. You will find unique headbands (as shown in the above photo), exotic dresses and extraordinary blouses in different styles and superb colors.

  • New deliveries for Salvador Ferragamo, D&G, Cole Haan, As Know As, and Seven jeans have arrived at Villa Moda located at Shuwaikh Free Trade Zone.

  • Clearance Sale every Friday. Iceberg pant Was KD 69, now KD 3. Cavalli Blouse KD 60, now KD 7. Call (+965) 572-2643 for more details.

Dear Confashion: Shatoosh and Pashminas

Dear Confashion,

I received a forward yesterday from of a friend and thought of sharing it with you, since you're into these things and I see you post about them every now and then.

Exclusive "SHAHTOOSH & PASHMINA" scarves hand made with hand embroidery, straight from Kashmir! Unimaginable prices! Call 9832103

I personally called the guy and bought FIVE scarves (1 for my husband)! The price range is KD 250 to KD 4,000. They're all worth the price!! He's much cheaper than what's being sold here! One more thing, they are 100% authentic, and the good thing about him is that he comes right to your place! I hope your readers will enjoy the beautiful shawls :)

Thank you,

Thank you SFG for sharing this with us. It would also be interesting to know what other readers think of the shawls if they got the chance to buy them from the shahtoosh guy.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Get Poetic with Quatre Filles

Here are some swell ideas for post-valentines or birthday gifts, Quatre Filles have launched some new designs of earrings and necklaces and they were kind enough to share the photos with us.

The new Quatre Filles collection includes "Poetry at its Best" designs, shown in the photo below, as well as some other pieces.

Poetry at its Best costs around KD 32.5 and is made out of silver. Choose from any of the verses shown below, or send them one of your own that you would like designed into a necklace.

كن جميلا ترى الوجود جميلا
في ذاكرتي نار من جمال الحبيب
العشق ماء الحياة
إذا ضحكت يسيل الليل موسيقا
يا قوم أذني لبعض الحي عاشقة والأذن تعشق قبل العين أحيانا

Can be ordered in yellow and white gold as well. Necklaces are of material. Colors are fuchsia pink, bright yellow, bright green, and bright orange. Other colors may be provided upon request.

Whillemina KD 178 18K Gold Earrings

Belgian Bazar necklace KD 15

Butterfly necklace KD 131 18K Yelow Gold. Chain is not included

Eva KD 250 18K Gold Earrings

Cubic Zirconia in silver or gold plated Solitaire rings KD 20 each

For inquires, please call (+965) 636-6771 or e-mail them at 4filles@gmail.com.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Struck By The Yellow Bug

It seems that spring's yellow bug has caught Al Othman. And I'm not complaining. I love yellow (especially bright yellow). It's the color for all seasons. Besides, brights were all over the spring runway shows. And I think this vibrant color makes a wise buy for cruise and beyond.

On my recent shopping spree I have noticed how yellow was dominating the racks and rails at my favorite boutique. So I decided to take a few snap shots of what's available now.

I liked this bright yellow beach-party-dress by Lela Rose. It can be the ideal transitional style. Wear with or without opaque tights, depending on the weather. If it's chilly outside, pair it with a long knitted chunky cardigan and stacked patent heels. For the summer, pair it with gladiator style sandals. Dress costs KD 359.

Another cocktail party dress by Lela Rose. The strapless dress with panel detail gives a fresh look and a nicer alternative to the LBD. Can be worn with a tuxedo jacket for a funky look. Or simply on it's own with a pair of grey or nude killer heels for an elegant look. Dress costs KD 298.

Mustardish yellow perfect-for-prom kind of dress by Vera Wang Lavendar. The shape of the dress is soooo easy to wear. It compliments all body shapes. And the little black brooches detail sets it apart from the common baby-doll look. Pair it with a shoe-boot for an updated style. The dress is sold for KD 179.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Dear Confashion: Authentic... Not?

Normally, you shop online looking for things that are either sold out, not sold in Kuwait, or simply to get the deal of a lifetime. Unaware of the risks that involve online shopping. Have you ever asked yourself if the site you're shopping from is trust-worthy or not? How come there is no "About us" section on the website? Why is COD is the only form of payment? How come there are no contact numbers or a physical address of the office/Co.?

One of my readers copied me on an e-mail sent to the owner of a Kuwaiti online shopping site called 7ata7eet.com. She was furious when she found out that the UGGS which were sold on 7ata7eet.com were actually fake based on her research.

Dear 7ata7eet,

Thank God I did my research before purchasing. You will find below 2 links detailing how you can tell the difference between a real UGG and a fake.My friends who bought from you, who I've CCed on this email, don't have the ® after "UGG" on the bottom of their shoes. Additionally, it would explain why my friend who wears a size 40 and bought the shoes from you found the shoe to run a bit small. The fake one runs small as you can see from the links below.

The copy click here
he authentic click here


I'm not bashing the owner of 7ata7eet.com, after all, it is a personal choice to sell and profit from unauthentic goods. And some people don't mind buying such goods. But I think any shop owner should have at least the decency to state if the goods are authentic or not (A Birkin sold for KD 150?!). And "if" the UGG boots were really authentic, we would appreciate it if the owner could back it up with some facts and proofs of authenticity just to clear things out and be fair to all.

That's Haute!!

Impeccable fitting, ladylike elegance, gorgeous colors, incredible draping, deconstructed shapes, floral frocks, outstanding origami details, and over-the-top bubble shaped dresses are just a few words to describe Paris Haute Couture Spring 2008 Collections. Most shows were simply genius works of art. Some were beautiful on the runway but wouldn't dare to wear them in real-life. But overall, the couture shows were absolutely divine. Armani Privé was pure perfection and my fave with its edgy uptown girl meets high drama polished femininity.

Below are my top picks from Paris Haute Couture Spring 2008 Collections, you know, just in case I get invited to a wedding or a formal dinner or have to go to baby reception, my people will contact Armani's people to make the required arrangements.. now where's the measurement tape... and my mom's credit card..

Let's Start with Armani Privé...

And next, let's have a look at one of the dresses which i really liked from the Dior collection, which I think is wearable if you're skinny thin and fairly tall...

The following are some of the nicest pieces shown at Valentino show..

And finally I totally fell in love with this breathtaking white cocktail dress from Givenchy..

In The News...

  • Heard of the new personal grooming service in Town? ASAP is a service caters to all your beauty needs in the privacy of your own home. For booking, please call: (+965) 7070-533.

  • New deliveries of Prada, Miu Miu, and Prada Sport have arrived at Villa Moda Shuwaikh, Free Trade Zone.


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