Thursday, January 17, 2008

News Flash: New Collection at LimeLight

New collection from Johnny Was and bags from Marc by Marc Jacobs have arrived at LimeLight at Dana Center located in Salmiya, Salem Al-Mubarak Street.


Enigma said...

I swore never to buy anything from LimeLight after I saw a marc jacobs shirt on eluxury for HALF the price I bought it for.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree!
they are overpriced with everything and that store is a turnoff altogether; that sales guy stick to you like glue and annoys the hell out of me.................
and do not get me started on the margins they have. they have been selling one super cheap no name brand for silly AND next to a brand like marc by marc?? sorry but i want the whole experience.

Anonymous said...

i agree.. Mazen and Sulla r losers :P they dont have an idea about what they r selling.. there are items in the store that have been there for more than 3 yrs and they r till selling them full price.. ITS CRAZY

konban wa said...

LimeLight is okay, you just need to know what to look for.. there are some old stuff there but it's not an issue for a human lie detector like myself :p


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