Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Fabulous Fashion Resolutions

Another New Year and another set of broken resolutions. I could resolve to nag less, exercise more, learn a new skill, read more, and make time to visit all my relatives regularly , but who am I kidding? I won’t do any of those. So why not make some fabulous fashionable resolutions I can keep? Here goes my list:

  1. Stop obsessing with what celebs are wearing and embrace my own personal style.

  2. Buy an evening gown every season even if I don't have a special occasion. Don't want to be stuck when I'm suddenly invited to a major event packed with stylish crowd.

  3. Accept the fact that Lagerfeld and Gabbana will never be on my speed dial.

  4. Conduct a regular Closet Clean up and give away anything I haven't worn for the past 2 years (goodbye my worn out Choos...)

  5. Shop wisely and rationally. "It goes with everything" does not justify every purchase.

  6. Buy more Louboutins (Does that cross out resolution #5?).

  7. Buy less from TopShop.

  8. Get more facials.

  9. Invest in good quality see-through boxes to store my shoes in.

  10. Save the dust bag of any shoes or bags I purchase. Someday, they'll come in handy.

What is your New Year's Fashion Resolution? Happy New Year Everyone :)


Lala* said...

Happy new year confy :)

I have 11 resolutions for 2008, and a couple more i was just reminded of by another fellow blogger.

Wish me luck***

New Bride said...

love yours waaayed ;)

madree madreee walah i should be a wise shopper , and be sure if i bought somthing ma akhleeh o ma labesaa

Ansam said...

I wrote about mine on my blog hehe

yours is funny though :-P

You will break Lagerfeld and Gabbana's hearts :-P~~~

I always save the shoe boxes and whenever I am done I place my shoes back in them ;-) if you want clear boxes IKEA 3indohom

ohhhh and I never throw away my dust bags

Confashion said...

Wish you the best of luck ;)

new bride
Thanks ;)

haha! A girl can always dream, right? :P

Anonymous said...

best fashion resolution?
chuck out anything i havent worn for 2 seasons (meaning 2 consecutive summer or 2 winter seasons )
and selling all the beautiful louboutins that are either too small or too big :-(
i need space in my closet!!!

fashionably unfashionable said...

In 2008 I resolve to swear by Khadi silk, Ayurvastra, African designers and platform heels only. On a side note I am preparing to work on a seminal thesis which tries to examine the link between FQ( Fashion Quotient ) and VQ( Vanity Quotient).
Happy Brand New 2008 to you and yours.

1001 Nights said...

I love how Laboutins look. But seriously people, how on earth can you walk in those!? I mean REALLY? How can you make SURE you don't trip over yourself in the corridor in Salhiya when you're right in the middle between Starbucks and Cafe Royale?

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I have the exact same shoes in exactly the same color! Love ur taste girl!

Confashion said...

1001 nights
It takes time and practice my friend ;)

Thank you daaahling ;) isn't the color mouth watering?!


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