Friday, August 31, 2007

News Flash: Al Ostoura's New Fall Collections

Cavalli fans go straight to Al Ostoura Store at Al Thuraya Complex. They have received new fall/winter 2007 collection of Roberto cavalli. And if you're a fan of clean lines and timeless fashion, then head to Al Ostoura's at Al Sahab Complex. They have received new Barbara Bui fall/winter 2007 collection of clothes and shoes.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

M by Missoni Fabulous Pieces

Some items you buy, never goes out of style. And that's how I felt when I first saw M by Missoni fall/winter 2007 collection at the brand's boutique at Al Raya Complex. Missnoi's lower priced line is perfect for fall, especially when paired with black (or colored if you wanted to be daring) think tights or slim cut pants/jeans.

All items carried Missoni's signature stripes in vibrant waves of color, giving you chic and timeless ensembles. M Missoni knits are a great wardrobe choice for work, play, and travel. Here's what I liked from the collection on display:

This item (shown above) is my absoulte favorite from the M by Missoni collection. The photo doesn't give it justice. It's a free size huge cardigan/cape with dazzling colorful missoni stripes. It's so snuggly I had a hard time taking it off. I can't wait for winter! KD 277.

Knitted cardigan with a self-tie belt and stretchy Cotton sleeves. This item looks much better when worn than on the hanger. The sleeves are tight from the elbow and the near the shoulder the sleeves get looser. KD 215. The below dress has the same concept & design but with a cowl like drapey neck. KD 242.

Classic shape knitted trench coat KD 439. I can see myself wearing it forever!

Kushtuban Ramadan Exhibition

Here's Confashions from Kuwait's first post on Ramadan Exhibitions:

You are invited to attend Kushtuban Exhibition for Caftans and Darra'at at Bait Siddra on Sunday and Monday 2nd and 3rd of September 2007. From 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, and from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Noura Al-Jassim & Manal Al-Zimami

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Webby Wednesday -

When I want to give my friends or family a gift for any occasion, I put so much work and effort (and love!) into the gift. I hate settling for predictable & boring gifts. Aren't we all done with wallets, purses, and perfumes? Don't you just love receiving whimsical & unique gifts? made giving great gifts a whole lot easier for me. WishingFish's collection includes an eclectic mixture of styles: vintage and modern, funky and fancy, sophisticated and hip. Their collection is categorized into groups to make it easy for you to find a gift for a baby, a jet-setter, friends, and colleagues at work. Even if you don't want to shop online, browsing gives you amazing ideas for gifts. Here are some of my favourite items:

Adorable Yoyo Doll for $24

Cup Couture: High Fashion Sleeves for Your Coffee Cup $10

Luggage tags with an attitude $9.99

Fashion Plate Set $40

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Queen Najdiya

Remember my previous post on Princess Najdiya Slippers? And that I fell in love with them but Pret-a-souk was selling them for little trendy girls? Well, guess what? Today's my lucky day, because Pret-a-souk is now selling the women's collection of Najdiya slippers. They have them in gold, bronze, and silver and they're selling out really fast! My favourite are the silver ones. And they only cost KD 24 (A bargain!). They would go perfectly with the daraa'at and kaftans which I'm planning to buy and wear for Ramadan.

I would like to personally thank "Anonoymous" for inspiring me to write this small post. Thank you.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Tell the world (blogesphere) you're exhibiting

Ramadan is just around the corner. And you know what that means here in Kuwait. exhibitions, exhibitions, and more exhibitions. Wouldn't it be awkward if you had an exhibition and only your BFF & cousins showed up? Do you wish more customers know about your exhibition? Sending SMS's to your entire mobile contact list might not be enough. besides, it's time consuming and not very cost-effective.

Here's a free, fashionable, and easy way for you to promote your exhibition. Send an e-mail to with the following details:
  • Name of the exhibition
  • Start & end dates/time
  • Venue of the exhibition
  • A brief description of the exhibition goods (Attaching photos would be a bonus)
  • Your contact details such as your e-mail or mobile number, if you wish to announce them to the public
  • Website if available

We will gladly post about it here. Let us help you promote your exhibition on Confashions From Kuwait. You have nothing to lose.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Karl Lagerfeld Magnificent Creation

The moment I saw those Chanel sunglasses in fashion magazines and on the runway, I thought to myself these are definitely "runway" item only. I couldn't see myself wearing them. But after seeing our fashion muse Nicole Richie channeling the Chanel look, I was like damn that girl can pull off anything! Literally! She looks fabulous in those quirky round shaped glasses!

Those sunnies are from Chanel's Spring/Summer 2007 collection. It's sooo unlike Nicole to be 2 seasons late on this trend (gasp!). I'm guessing they're being sold for no less than KD 250.

I want them. I know there is a big possibility that I'll look ridiculous in them and you know what? I couldn't care less. I'm off to look for it in every optician in Kuwait. Wish me luck.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Copy Cat: Kate Bosworth's Dress

How many of you skimmed the pages of People magazine or US weekly and coveted the amazing ensembles worn by our favourite celebs? Copy Cat is a new feature on Confashions From Kuwait where we show you pics of your favourite celebs and where can you get their outfits.

So here's a recent photo of Kate Bosworth chilling in LA wearing an Alice + Olivia dress with black leggings (I'm glad she beefed up a little!). I'm not crazy about Kate's ensemble here. She hit all the wrong notes. But I like how's model pulled it off. You can purchase this dress online for $297 (around KD 85).

Even though I hate the color of the dress, I actually like the design & the rosette detail on it. I know I know, summer's over. But with a nice preppy black jacket and thick wool tights, this dress can be worn for fall.

Friday, August 24, 2007

News Flash: Villa Moda Clients Get a special Offer from Elements Spa

Elements Spa by Banyan Tree is offering a FREE body scrub when you book a massage for you and a Friend. All you need to do is quote: VM when booking. Sorry guys, it's for ladies only.

Location: Elements Spa by Banyan Tree, Jabriya, 4th Ring Road, Block 3A (Inside Royal Hyatt Hospital).
Tel: +965 536 0000 or 5360940.

Click here to view the services & prices offered at Elements Spa By Banyan Tree

Zara.. Right On Trends

To my surprise, I'm loving a lot of the stuff Zara is getting for their new Fall/Winter 2007 collection. Remember my previous posts on their shoes and bags? Here's what I liked this weekend:
  • This on-trend red patent jacket takes the jacket's classic shape from 70's simple Jackie-O to rock-chic adventurous Jackie-O. Perfect with black trapeze dresses & thick tights or skinny pants. KD 29.500.

  • I call this the preppy-meets-girly look. Creamy white double-breasted jacket with Chinese collar and 6 button closure at front. The jacket has 3/4 sleeves and cute ruffle details. Perfect for work with slim pants or a midi skirt, or for the weekend with slim leg jeans. KD 21.500.

I wonder what I'm going to find next at Zara..

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Give your nails a royal treatment

It's the weekend. Every where you go is cramped with people. Your mom doesn't want to go to the chalet. The shops are still selling last season's stock. And your hair is not looking quite right (damn you curling iron!!).
So here's what you need to do. Call your girlfriends, gather at your cozy house, wear something very comfy, and let Queen Nails pamper you.
No, it's not another fast fix-it nail treatment. Queen Nails is a sensual experience that is both refreshing and calming. And best of all? it is done at the comfort of your home. And that's what I did last weekend. I had my girlfriends over. The nail specialists were right on time. Dressed in black sharp uniforms and pulling a neat & small black suitcase. They greeted us with their soft & friendly voices. Presented each one of us with a bright pink rose. Then started setting up the place. Large black pots filled with black stones, pink rose petals, some oils, and warm water. They lit up some candles and served us warm green tea. They had their CD player turned on, and soft spa-like music was playing at the background. For a second I honestly thought I was at a spa! We had The Queen M & P, a soothing manicure and pedicure with lavender scrub, lavender mask, and ends with a shoulder massage.
Give them a call! Nothing beats getting your nails buffed at home, with your girls, a nice cup of tea, and some juicy gossip.
Tel.: 5080746

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Webby Wednesday - recently became one of my all-time favorite online spots for out-and-about casual wear. Their stock includes apparel, shoes, handbags, gifts, kids stuff, and accessories. It is a premiere one stop shopping destination for the entire family with over 150 brands. My favourite section of the website is the "Paparazi" section where they feature celebs dressed in items available on their site. The site is very well-organized. The only drawback is that their images are not optimized making them very slow to download, so it will take a little bit extra time. But it's worth the wait.

I had a hard time picking my favorite item on this site. So this is only one of the many many items I fell in love with!

This beautiful yellow printed dress by Karta has large unique beaded accents at the bust, and an elbow length belled sleeves.

Monday, August 20, 2007

And In the News..

  • Forever 21 had a soft opening today at the Avenues. But you would only notice it if you were walking around on the 1st floor. The Ground floor section of the store is still closed. Go there if you're looking for inexpensive and funky fashions and accessories. Bare in mind, it's not of the best quality.

  • Zara's new addition? Maternity wear. Their store at the Avenues had a really cute selection of clothes for hot mamas with a baby bump. The selection included casual cotton tops, white shirts, formal dresses, jeans, sweat pants & lounging attire.

  • Villa Moda Shuwaikh has received new deliveries for Prada, Miu Miu, Cole Haan, Salvador Ferragamo, and Victor & Rolf for Autumn/Winter 2007.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fall's Foot Candy

The moment I read about what I'm about to tell you. My heart started pounding so hard. I almost felt that the little fashion monster in me was about to unleash. "This is fashionably unacceptable", I thought to myself. "Here I am, trillions miles away from one of the most amazing events in the fashion retail history, while fellow shoeaholics are trying on the latest and the most stylish shoes around, and getting their coco AND "shoe stamp" while their at it!!".

Saks Fifth Avenue unveiled its new shoe department on its the 8th floor. The shoe department is so big that it has its own digits by the U.S. Postal Service: 10022-SHOE. And, yes, there are exclusive limited edition designer stamps and chocolate cafe. OK, THAT'S IT! I'm moving to the Upper East Side! I don't want my 11413 zip code anymore! I want my zip code to be 10022-SHOE! That's too far fetched I know, so mom, I'll settle for a quick shopping vacation to NYC over the Eid Holiday. Enough said, here's a list of some of my favourite fall shoes that are currently being sold at Saks.

Givenchy $440

YSL $575

Mr. Loubie Loubs (Christian Loubatin) $895

Oscar De La Renta $795

Brian Atwood $520

Giorgio Armani $ 725

Prada $ 520

Jimmy Choo $920

Miu Miu $595

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tsumori Chisato at Villa Moda Mubarikiya

Tsumori Chisato is one of those designers whom I'm passionate about and almost every season I tend to buy a piece or two from her collection. Tsumori Chisator is known for her eclectic pieces and quirky designs. Not everyone will appreciate her work and her designs are definitely not for the minimalists. They can be described in two words: Bohemian Chic.

Villa Moda is the only store in Kuwait where you can buy Tsumori Chisato's collection. And Villa Moda Mubarikiya has just received TC's Fall 2007 collection (with a hefty price tag). Unfortunately, I was slightly disappointed with her collection this season. Something was missing. Anyhow, here's some of what's available in store now.

And here are some pictures of Tsumori Chisato's pre-fall collection which are also available at Villa Moda Mubarikiya.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Soho.. Your new Beauty Destination

Kuwait has long suffered from the dearth of truly great hair salons and day spas, which makes the opening of Soho Salon Spa in Fintas all the more exciting . Soho Salon is an innovative salon and day spa for ladies in Kuwait. British owned and managed using the latest top of the range products and equipments.

Modern and sleek with dark stone floors, Soho Salon is segmented into different areas, which gives you some serenity. I wouldn't want to get my Mani/Pedi while chaos rages all around my ears! The Manicure & Pedicure area is my favourite spot of the salon. It's relaxing, spotless, and with an amazing sea view. The influx of natural light boosted my mood as I gazed outside at the trees. The walls are hand painted with flower-like shapes. Each chair has it's own sterilized mani/pedi kit. This is extremely important especially that most salons here in kuwait would use the same kit from one client to the other WITHOUT sterilization. eew!
In addition to the Mani & Pedi treats, Soho Salon offers Bella Lucce nail treatments designed to improve both the condition and appearance of your hands & feet in just minutes.

Soho Salon also offers new and luxurious hair treatments & products by ALTERNA, the brand is known for creating groundbreaking formulas, such as caviar and white truffles, that makes your hair shiny and full of life.
As well as the launch of exclusive ALTERNA treatments, Soho provides BALMAIN extensions, the best & highest quality hair extensions used by hairstylists for models on the catwalk in Paris.

If you'd like to grow nice & neat looking nails in no time, then try their Akzentz Fab Nail. The nail technician will provide you with this service in a private room (as shown below).

The one thing that I dread when I visit a hair salon is getting my hair washed. The chairs are always uncomfortable and I always get a soar neck. This time, it was completely different, Soho Salon has massaging chairs to sit on while washing your hair. I wouldn't mind napping while getting my hair washed there!

Other Soho services include: haircut, blowdry, hair color, highlights, toner, waxing, and threading.

And don't worry, they have the latest fashion and celebrity magazines in their waiting area. So no need to bring yours. And yes, the couch feel as good as it looks (both of them).

Here's a healthy way to tan minus the wrinkles. At Soho, they have the latest tropical blitz spray tanning system by su-do. You will be bronze in no time (and no hint of orange) after exfoliation, in under 10 minutes you will be ready to leave Soho. And your beautiful, glowing tan will develop over the next few hours!
The beauty room is where they do their massages, and facial & body treatments such as: Oxygen Therapy, Brightening Peel, firming facial, hydrating facial, body glow treatment, body wrap and polish.. etc.

My experience with Soho Salon was such a pleasant one. The place has a low key, relaxed, positive vibe. I'm sorry I had not discovered this place sooner. I'll definitely return to try their other services and maybe a get a facial.

Contact details: (+965) 3902077 / 9240270
Opening hours: Saturday - Thursday 8am to 8pm, Friday 10am - 6pm.
Location: Fintas, Road 209, Lulwa Tower, opposite egaila beach. There is a "Papa Jones" branch as part of the building.


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