Friday, December 28, 2007

Zagliani Zesty Colors

I'm falling head over heels in love with Zagliani's new cruise collection. The mouth-watering colors are just what you need to give your wardrobe a serious jolt of color. From cobalt blue and fuchsia Pink to emerald green and pretty lavender. All made out of either python or crocodile unstructured leather and Injected with silicone for a luxurious feel. Zagliani's price range is between £550 and a whooping £5,790. The entire collection is available for purchase online here.

Which color would you choose?


Anonymous said...

I love them and pass by them every day I log on , the problem is i already got the silver one so I can't get a new one so soon. I am loving the bright blue one now that is arm candy wala balash;P I dont mind the fushia though hmm or the red ham ba3ad mo hayna and the green is 2 die for...bas my favorite is the blue.

Anonymous said...

First, and foremost I love fashion and love your blog!

Second, regarding this post:

I think every practicing Muslim should be aware of animal rights in Islam. If it's permissible to eat its flesh then it's permissible to use it's skin.
Pythons and crocodiles are not halal to eat (well carnivores in general).
I think it's cruel to kill animals JUST for the skin/fur/tusk etc.

Just thought I should mention that, since many Muslims aren't aware of it.

EVE said...

Thanks confashion , recently I was seeking for a blue "it bag" and apparently I just found one !
Actually all the colours are awsome and zesty and i cant get my eyes off of them all. The fuchsia is my favorite colour but I already had decided to have the balenciaga new magenta for summer 2008 , well i know there are no way to compare between Zagliani and balenciaga but I'm Balenciagaholic and I own more than 8 of diffrent colours and sizes !!

Confashion said...

The cobalt blue is breathtakingly beautiful! It's my number 1 choice :)

My blog loves you too ;)
I'm not an expert in halal and haram. But I think what's halal to eat has got nothing to do with what's halal to use as a fabric/leather to wear. Then again, I'm not 100% sure. So I'll need to so some research :)

wow! now here a balenciaga Collector! ;P bil 3afiya.
The blue is simply fab. Go for it.

FourMe said...

In the Quran it states that we can eat animals and wear their skins. I to think its cruel to animals but thn who are we to go against god's rules and say its 7aram to kill them when its clearly stated that we can eat their meat and wear their skin.. I'm loving the blue and green but wouldn't mind the red for those plains outfits that need spicing up.

Confashion said...

four me
Blue is THE one. period. ;)

Lala* said...

Zagliani as a brand is very conscious of animal rights.

I did some research before I bought my gold bag and I was fully satisfied bt the was they acquire their paython leather.

There was even an article in INSTYLE magazine about it a few months back. I'll try to look it up for you.

Lala* said...

bt the was = by the way :-/

LOfat said...

I want the golden clutch! YUMMM for the other colors... can I have'em all?

Anonymous said...

i would not mind the electric blue python (as the croc is ridiculous) puffy with my electric blue rolandos !!! :)

Noor said...

Do they carry them in Kuwait? If so could someone give me a heads up on where? Thanks

Confashion said...

Yes.. At Al Ostura in Sahab Complex next to Salhiya Complex. You can also find them on


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