Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sheikh of Chic on NY Times Magazine's Blog

New York Times T Magazine’s blog "The Moment" had Sheikh of Chic Majed Al Sabah as this week’s guest blogger. The Moment is a daily blog that spans the T Magazine universe of fashion, design, food and travel. Click here to read it.

It was very interesting to know that Majed Al-Sabah have been meeting with artists and galleries in the states about a museum which he plans to open in Dubai during new year's. I'm looking forward to see how the museum will turn out to be.


This Lady said...

hmm interesting! I'd like to see how the museum will turn out to be like.

Good interview. Funny about the "marrying the second cousin" bit. He shouldn't have said that.

It requires too much of an explanation. Its considered wrong!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting insight but as above i agree he should have just kept quite about marriage altogether.. let alone marrying his second cousin.
i sort of agree with Habibs comment on the blog.........
Not that much of a visionary except for opening something super modern in an unlikely neighbourhood of kuwait.
Other than that, my dear SHEIKH (whatever) fashion existed in Kuwait before you and real fashion is still done by other than Villa Moda.

Villa Gossip said...

So does the Sheikh of Chic have any arty designs on his own country, or is he also like most of the rest of us, completely sold on Dubai Dubai and Dubai.

Confashion said...

this lady
Yeah, that's sth I'm looking forward to.

anonymous & this Lady
You're right. I don't think people outside this region would comprehend the concept of marrying a relative.

Villa gossip
We'll just have to wait and see I guess :)

little rascal said...

Eew! Marrying your own cousin - for crying out loud that is so retro progressive. I think they should just declare consanguinity illegal like they have all good cinema and Western music concerts in this country. This much is clear though, he certainly is Kuwait's answer to Dubai's Shaikh Maktoom in flamboyance and regality.
As an aside for some time now we know that consanguinity can breed certain recessive genetic inheritances and is bad for your children. Still, educated, liberal & yes, facionable people do as they are told to stoke tradition and toe the line when it comes to settling down in life.

it's raining al othman said...

The mantra for 2008 should be to marry outside your faith, your race, your geography but within your gender. Marrying outside our planet is pushing the envelope too far and should be reserved for another year, maybe 2009.

Nofers said...

I would have imagined he used his family connection.. it’s very difficult when you build an idea and try to bring it to life.. My salute to him for following his heart, and actually making it work!!


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