Wednesday, December 12, 2007

News Flash: Gucci's Cruise Collection at Villa Moda

New deliveries for Gucci Cruise 2008 have arrived at Villa Moda Shuwaikh located at the Free Trade Zone.


Anonymous said...

Dear Confashion,
Plz tell me. Where the sell christian louboutin shoes in Kuwait?

Lala* said...

Al-Othman in Salmiya,
MaxMara in Salhiya.

Anonymous said...

Max Mara?
i swear some stores do get away with murder here.....

Yara said...

Dear Confashions,
1) i have alot of expensive things that i either never wore, or wore once or twice.. some of them i dont think i'll wear ever again..
Any ideas on what to do with them? Are there charity auctions or something?

2) Where do u think is a great coloring salon?

Ansam said...

Yara Madame La Reine!
If you have facebook join her group

Kuwait contact Shaima # +(965)786-0809

For the first time in Middle East !!!!!
Our concept is to "Recycle" your branded bags, shoes, accessories and clothes ....Why not? So many women have their closets filled with wonderful bags or shoes that they have only used a few times and may never use again. What to do with them? Send them to us and we will SELL them for you so you could use the money for a new purchase or better yet for charity.

We take and sell an array of brands (Gucci, Prada, Dior,Channel and many more) all items are in great condition and fantastic prices.

We work by appointment to give our clients time and space to browse and try things on. Items for sale are done anonymously and names are not mentioned so the previous owner is going to have to remain a mystery.

Ansam said...

and thats their website:

Kuwaitiya said...

Dear anonymous,

They sell them at Max Mara Salhiya Mezzanine 2. They are the official carriers.

Sagu said...

To 2nd Anonynmous: Why murder? LoL! They didn't steal them. The owners of Max Mara have a contract with Louboutin Paris and sell them. Even Al-Othman in Mariam Complex sells them. Its not illegal. Think before judging please.

Anonymous said...

Ladies lets not quarrel over who sells what.
Max Mara and AlOthman are in total agreement over selling the Louboutin collection.
The selection in each store is different but they compliment each other.
Kuwaitiya...Both Stores are authorized sellers of the collection, you should check out the Louboutin web site.

Anonymous said...

both are agreed resellers of louboutin but it is not agreed to sell louboutin in Max Mara stores nor is it accepted to sell them in any other of their shops such as A.Feretti. I am pretty sure about this.
A monobrand store is only allowed to sell the brand they bought the franchise of ... there are very few exceptions such as privately owned boutiques by the designers themselves.
Diane von Furstenberg as an example is allowed to sell Louboutin in her monobrand stores; but that is because they are specially made for her and she is a personal friend of his.
al Othman is a multibrand store and sells louboutin just like any other luxury brand.
Max mara selling louboutin is like finding louboutin scattered around at a manolo store or a balenciaga store ... now that wouldnt be right either, would it?
I wouldnt be calling it illegal but ethically NOT right to do so.
If tomorrow, Louboutin shows up at their shop neither would be happy...... :)

zz said...

villa moda started a 50% sale today at 10am, continues for 1 week! Some great bargains to be had!

Confashion said...

I think readers answered your question in detail ;)

Ansam's right. I had a post about Madame La Reine Vintage. Yu can check out this link:


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