Friday, December 7, 2007

Do Your Homework Before You Spend- Part II

Here's another incident shared to us by Ansam where she encountered some retail unfairness (that's my politically correct way of saying ripped off!). Apparently, Ansam went to BCBG at Arraya and bought this dress, shoes, and bag and her total was around KD 364. Later she has found out that the same items are available on and they total to USD 871.60, which is equivalent to KD 239.

If Ansam bought these items online, she would have saved around KD 100. Ansam, you learned your lesson the hard way. I feel for you, I've been in such situation and it is extremely annoying! Especially that stores here in Kuwait rarely apply the "Refund" policy. In fact, the only places I can think of which provide a refund for their clients are Zara and Al-Shaya Group. You either get store credit and or hit the highway.


Anonymous said...

I went today to Al-Othman, and saw an Oscar de la renta bag "Tall Alden" for 630Kd +I loved it, and was about to buy it! but I remembered ur post about doing your homework. So, I decided to wait rather than buy it and kick myself later. I am soo glad I did that!! I found it online on sale for approx.340 KD.. Imagine half the price!! SO Ansam, i know where ur coming from!

New Bride said...

walah me 2 i am doing my homework b4 i buy anything :) o ansam good luck dear next time

Confashion said...

Phew! That was close huh?! I think retailers in Kuwait need to realize that most women compare prices of high-luxury items before they splurge. We always try to get the best deal out of anything in order to justify our purchases. Oh well, I hope they'll do sth about it.

new bride
This way, you tend to buy things more wisely (almost aways) :P

Anonymous said...

anonymous, I am not sure its fair to compare something that is on sale with something that is not on sale.
I am sure that once it goes on sale it will be the same price.
Fall is very hard for retailers in Kuwait,so other countries go on sale earlier then in Kuwait, but their season starts much earlier.
Having said that, I would buy the one that is on sale.
On the other hand, maybe you should mention it to them, they might do something about it

Anonymous said...

Dont be hard on AlOthman, the Larrabe Oscar bag is 1541 pounds on net a porter and $1347 on the Oscar web site.
U.S retailers start discounting after thanksgiving

Ansam said...

Nofers yeah good! I am updating my boycott list LOL
New Bride thanks... smart shopping rocks
Confashions thank you for sharing :-*

Anonymous said...

I guess it isn't fair to compaire prices that are on discount.. If I really loved somthing i would buy it without thinking.. However if i can buy 2 things instead of one i would do that too!! Prices in Q8 are crazy anyway
nofers :)

LaLa said...

smart shopping is great especially now that we have the internet and aramex to thank for. However there are the "extra" charges that we usually dont realise until once our order is put through; also i dont know how it is on import taxes and charges in kuwait sometimes the 100 BD extra is worth the headache.. but i agree if you can get them on discount that IS smart shopping, we should have a date for sales in dubai, and kuwait, and bahrain like that one knows when to shop.. i remember going into harvey nichols dubai first day of sales all things looked good as new !

Anonymous said...

Hey confashion/ansam..

with the online bcbg price, you made sure to add the NY tax of 8 3/4 % and the shipping to aramex and the aramex shipping to kuwait estimate fee?

Ansam said...

even if you add the tax... it is still less than KD 300 which is a big gap... how come some other trusted stores dont have that big of difference!!!! if its a brand store prices should not vary much... it should be the same worldwide

Pink Moon said...


We have a 1 week refund policy at Pink Moon.


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