Monday, December 10, 2007

Can I tell you another secret?

I’m a longtime fan of Sigerson Morrison’s shoes. I like the delicate cut of almost all Sigerson Morrison shoes and their leather detailing. and when I heard that this brand will be the latest addition to Villa Moda’s Spring/Summer in-store collection, I was over the moon! I’m in love with Sigerson Morrison flats, they are the perfect pair to pack for any holiday gateway or for chic shopping sprees which involve serious walking.

Now, I hope my sources are right. If they’re not, that will be a big disappointment for all shoeaholics in Kuwait.


Ansam said...

Steve Madden copies that shoes ;-)

Anonymous said...

real cute

im still waiting to hear about your eid outfit. plsss plsss pretty plsssss with the yummiest arm candy and tootsie candy on top!! hehehhehe

CresceNet said...
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Nofers said...

I'm liking a lot!! I have moved from high heel shoes to flats for one year, so I hope ur sources are right.. if not, hehe thank god for online shopping!

Confashion said...

Steve Madden is every shoe designer's worst nightmare! :P

I'm very flattered! Thank you ;)

As much as I luuuve online shopping, nothing beats trying out stuff at the store before buying it ;)
Oh well.. only time will tell if we'll have it in Kuwait or not :)

Ansam said...


Vixen said...

they look really cute, i hope they do bring them :D


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