Thursday, November 15, 2007

That Vera Wang Dress Again!

Remember that short evening Vera Wang Lavender dress which I saw at Al Othman once and was sold out later? One of our readers named Vio has informed me that the dress is currently available at Al-Boshiya store at Arraya Complex (Thanks Vio!). So out of curiosity, I went there yesterday and there it was, the long lost dress is on their window display. However, it was KD 120 "more" expensive than Al Othman.

At Al Othman, the dress was priced at KD 220. Whereas, the same dress was being sold at Al-Boshiya for KD 340! I so wanted to scream my lungs out at the sales lady: "Rip offs!!!". But I just had to contain myself and leave peacefully.

Would you have told the sales lady about Al Othman's price?


This Lady said...

Yup, i would.

She'd probably find it at Net-a-porter since they carry the Lavender line as well..

Anonymous said...

shame u didnt tell them!
i cannot stand rip off and we are not talking about 10 or even 20 KD (which is already dramatic BUT can happen...) 120KD is absolutelyridiculous. i would actually go back and tell them. maybe check some other items and compare prices with AlOthman.... seriously noone is as well and honest priced as ALOthman.
and are they even allowed to carry the lavender line ?

Shopaholic said...


Ansam said...

Order it from SFA

Its about KD 192, with shipping and handling charges it may reach Al Othman price tag :-)

The only available sizes are 6 and 8 so hurry up :-D

Ansam said...
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Ansam said...

I emailed you the link

Confashion said...

This lady
The dress is unavailable at net-a-porter, I checked a couple of time :|

You're right, I should have told them. I don't know why I didn't, Probably coz I was in a hurry.

They had an evening jacket and two other dresses from the same line.

True, so convenient! but sometimes you just want to try on the dress before purchasing :)

Thank you sooo much :*
For some reason, I don't know why I didn't try to look for the dress on american online shopping sites! Call it laziness :P

Anonymous said...

Hey ansam,

Do saks accept credit cards issued in q8? Or they still don’t ?

Ansam said...

Anonymous, just copy the link into your email and send it to
Provide them with your address and phone number
They will call you and arrange everything, you pay half before order and the remaining balance when they get it for you + shipping
Safer than online shopping :-D

New Bride said...

3ade this is bosheya

by way dear i sent an e-mail regarding the tory burch vera collections where i can find them ???

Anonymous said...

Thanx ansam

Anonymous said...

I always buy thing with my Saudi credit Card on SFA, NM, and Bloomingdales the only one that didn't accept international is Sephora (makeup).. but thanks to Amazon that was covered.

Confashion said...

I used my Kuwaiti credit card several times on SFA and neimans, only the first time my order did not go through because it was an international credit card but when I changed the billing address to Aramex, they started accepting my credit card.

Confashion said...

New Bride
For some reason I did not get the e-mail you were referring to...

Tory Burch collection used to be sold at Villa Moda SHuwaikh. However, they did not receive her collection for this year. Anyways, you can shop for Tory Burch on the following Online shopping sites:
And of course:

Good Luck :)


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