Monday, November 26, 2007

Shamael... Wear Them With Pride

I have decided to add a new feature on "Confashions From Kuwait" called "Dear Confashion" on questions received from my readers and fellow bloggers. This will create a nice fashion guide for fashionistas who share the same dilemmas. And it will also give an opportunity for all of us to express our opinions and share some insider info. So let's start with our first question:

Shamael: Is it age appropriate for a thirty-plus year old woman to wear red patent leather boots in public?

A: Haven't you heard? 30's is the new 20's! You're still young and you can almost pull off any hip trend there is easily! Just look at Halle Berry and Jessica Biel.

I don't entirely believe in Age-Appropriate dressing. It's really about your personal style and how to make the most of what you've got. The trick is to become more sophisticated in what, how, and when to wear some trends as you grow older. Your red patent boots would look fabulous for a night out at a fancy restaurant or for a dinner party. Wear them for a brunch/lunch at the Avenues or Marina Mall with a leather jacket and a mini-skirt and you'll end up looking like a desperate Liza Minelli.

And here's exhibit (A) Naomi Watts, who's going to turn 40 in a couple of years. She rocked a pair of Jimmy Choo’s red hot ankle boots at a recent event in London and she looked absolutely amazing!

So honey, wear them without worries. Pair them with skinny jeans, midi skirts, wide pants, or simple dresses. And most importantly, wear them with pride and confidence.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Confashion,

Let me apologise for totally going out of your topic. But I desperately need help. I am from India working with one of the best retailers in the Middle east. I have graduated from NIFT India , and Im madly in love with all indian designer wear, you have mentioned most of my favs in one of your blog. I really want to get them to Kuwait as I feel there is a big gap in this market. Now the real problem is to get a sponser and ofcourse finance. Could it be possible for you to suggest to get both of these. I have read most of your blog and thought that you would be able to help me out.
Let me know.. Many Thanks


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