Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lela Rose Blossoming At Alothman

Lela Rose may not be a familiar name to a lot of people here in Kuwait. I got to know Lela Rose (such a pretty name!) a few years back during a visit to the states, Saks or Neimans to be specific. I immediately fell in love with her whimsical designs and evening wear pieces, Some of her creations were feminine and romantic, and some were romantically dramatic, certainty not for the faint of heart.

I was thrilled to find out that Lela Rose is being sold at AlOthman. So I picked out my favorite two items for you to see:

  • I feel that this below shown light gray dress is pretty much inspired by Oscar De La Renta in terms of shape and the floral detail. The dress would be perfect for a small party or a formal reception. The dress is priced at KD 698.

  • Quilted Link navy and black skirt which would look absolutely amazing with a silver metallic or mustard colored top, priced at KD 298. The skirt is also available on net-a-porter here.

Al Othman Store is located at Mariam Complex, Salem AlMubarak St, Salmiya. For inquires, please call (+965) 575-4954.


elaine.ess said...

i saw a beautiful purple lela rose dress on which went for a little over $1000 a7isa much better than kuwait!

Anonymous said...

why do we always have the feeling that things overseas are better then what we have in Kuwait.
It is simply not true

Confashion said...

Maybe it did not have as much detail as those 2 items I featured and that;s why it's cheaper in price? Can you send me the link of the dress you're referring to. I'd like to see it, that is if you don't mind :)

I think in most cases it's true, but not in the sense it's better, but because it's easier to get. The problem here in Kuwait is that you don't get to see what's new because it gets sold out the minute it's on display. One reason is that in Kuwait we have a massive purchasing power and women like to look stylish and fashionable, so they don't want to miss a thing. Another reason why people prefer shopping abroad is that in most boutiques and stores, you get the VIP treatment right away, even though they have never seen you before. I can name you a few stores in Kuwait where you wouldn't dare ask the saleswoman a question because you will be snapped at!

Very few stores in Kuwait provide you with good service, excellent collection, and honesty. I'm not saying they're non-Existent. They're just very few. :)

Anonymous said...

am in love with the skirt!!

with regards to why kuwaitis tend to think that there is better abroad.. that is because most of their travelling ONLY consists of shopping.. its the best time filler for any lady who has money to spend.. an NO, in my opinion they are not clever. Kuwait has one of the best fashion selection over all....but yeah, lets all travel to london with 5 suitcases and come back with 10!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, I was talking about what is available in Kuwait. I would not go as far as including the shopping someone does when traveling.
If they can afford to fill 10 suitcases and pay for the extra weight then good for them (lucky them)
I don't think you can beat London shopping, its the whole experience of walking around and browsing then buying it.
Even if it is one of the most expensive cities in the world.
I say if you can afford it, do it

Anonymous said...

my post was clearly sarcastic :).. as i personally find it a joke to be doing this. i love shopping when abroad but actually feel that the same question you posed ,why we have a feeling that things overseas are better than here, does come up when i see the kuwaitis abroad. it does all come down to shopping.. i mean even GAP seems to be more exciting for some ;)
i am all for kuwait shopping. when i go abroad i would surely only buy what i COULDNT find in kuwait in the first place. other than that i love exploring other things when i travel.
i hope i made more sense now ;)!


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