Monday, November 12, 2007

Are you there, Shamael? It's me, Confashion

OK, I know that the world does not revolve around me and I’m not hunting for compliments here. Some of you are probably already annoyed of me mentioning the latest press exposure Confashions got. But hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it baby.

I read the article written about my blog by columnist Shamael Al-Sharikh on Kuwait Times (How complimentary is that!!) and to say that I’m very grateful and humbled by the attention given to my blog would be an understatement. Introducing “Confashions From Kuwait” to new readers means the world to me.

Shamael, with such an article, you have my undivided attention. And to solve your fashion dilemmas, I will prepare a dedicated post with all the answers you were looking for. Thank you for recognizing my blog and honoring me with this amazingly well-written and catchy feature.

A Big Thank for my readers and fellow bloggers in particular for their support and without whom all of this would not be real. And I hope not to disappoint you in any way with my daily babblings. And finally thank you for making my day a very memorable one.


Um El-Zain said...

I second Shamael in what she said, I couldn't have said it better. keep up the good work hon and u desearve every word said about you.

btw this is from someone who does not agree with you half the time bas still luv your blog;)

Um El-Zain said...

one more thing answer to your latest poll is all of the above. lol

Ansam said...

You can talk all you want we love your blog and dont mind you talking about your accomplishments :-** muwaaah

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the article . I love your post .
ME ;)

Anonymous said...

btw love your blog very usefull and fun also if you can talk a bit about watches what's hot now ?im looking for a watch but don't know what's the trend now here in kuwait is it cartier or Harry winston or what?


New Bride said...

i agree about what she said about U

we have to be proud to have such a fashion expert from kuwait and at the same time so Sweet and Nice mo shayfaa nafsich 3aleena :P

love your blog

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with taking credit of doing something.. especiall of you like it!! Good job and flaunt it all the way :)

vyyvaa said...

i read the article... u deserve every bit of it.. and flaunt it all u want, i actually wish u would stop apologizing for mentioning the buzz about u.. its ur space.. where else do u want it to be mentioned!!??

keep up the good work.

Lala* said...

*claps* ;-)

Confashion said...

um el-zain
Thank you so much! It wouldn't be as fun if you always agreed with me ;) I love getting the "against" opinions :) Thanks again.

Thanks for your constant support.

And I love the fact that you're loving it! Thanks :)

Will do that in my future posts. Thanks for your kind words and lovely suggestion :)

new bride
I'm Extremely flattered! Thank you :*

You're right, thank you for the encouragement ;)

Thank you with all my heart. :)

*bows* :P


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