Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Race for Fall's Evening Dresses - Part II

My friend is amazed by how I take this issue of finding the perfect evening dress seriously. So I explained to her that finding a stunning dress makes the event even more special and memorable. Plus wearing the perfect evening dress makes you look good and boosts your confidence. And you know what that means? A very good mood and good vibes. So I can't just buy any dress off the rack! Was she convinced? Nope.

Anyhow, the race (or the nightmare!) for the perfect evening gown/dress is still on. And look what I have found for you this week. A beautifully embellished piece of art. This metallic gold and bronze dress is by Vera Wang. The design of the dress is simple and the shape reminds me of dresses worn by style icon: Grace Kelly in the 50's. The price tag? KD 849.

I loved the embellished details on the neckline and shoulders. No need to wear a necklace with it. Just wear it with a round-shaped earrings and a pair of thick tights. Style your hair in big 50's waves or a slick it back in a classic chingon and a headband, and you're good to go.

This stunner is available at Alothman Store located at Mariam Complex. For inquires, please call (+965) 575-4954.


4 said...

wow! now thats something that makes a person stand out in a crowd!

Confashion said...

I totally agree ;)


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