Thursday, October 18, 2007

No No Coco!

I'm a die hard Coco Chanel fan. I'm willing to buy almost anything with the double C logo (if only I had more zeros in my account!). And carrying a chanel bag (by hand!) makes me want to put on my pearls, wear my high heels, and put on my scarlet red lipstick. However, the idea of me carrying/wearing this new mini chanel pouch, from the S/S 2008 collection, on my feet makes me cringe! Actually, it makes me feel like I'm on a house arrest!

OK OK! I'm trying to have an open mind about this new trend... maybe it's practical if you're going for a quick snack with the girls? But how do I get my money out? Give the crowd the "bend-and-snap" pose*? Nope! sorry Karl, I don't want to look that hideous! I love your other Chanel creations but not this one.

Would you wear this trend?

*The pose is courtesy or Miss Elle Woods of Legally Blonde.


fashionista said...

hmmmm maybe only when im jogging perhaps it would come in handy for my fone and loose change. i would perhaps have it on my arm instead for my ipod too.

else its soooo 1990 disney land meets fashy in her teen years >.<; lol

Ansam said...

hmmmm I dont see myself wearing that! No! Not my style

Anonymous said...

probably i would wear it on my wrist !

albandry said...

daaaaaaa karl what happen to u?
well no i wont wear it to freaky but i can c from now we have too many heilagshion would wear it and actually bend to get their mobiles and stuff everything is possible in q8

well u can put coins change in their and have an ancklet

Confashion said...

lol! Ok.. ONLY if it can be worn on my arm would I re-consider this "look". Then again, I wouldn't wear chanel while jogging, it would be degrading to my fave brand :P

Same here!

I agree..

Everything is possible everwhere! :P

fashionista said...

so true but wouldnt u look forward to waking up at forsaken hour to "jog" and indulge in ur chanel arm candy lol. i would if it was by my semi gay gorgeous friend..marc J <3

actually it might just tempt me to take up the whole sport of jogging instead of power shopping

..the lengths i would go to purchase anything marc-ish is sad but oh so bona fide. ;)

the latest animes in kuwait said...

it's toatally cool im saving my money already coz im planning to get the whole chanel look from head to toe
the gold one is my favorite i'll wear it on my wrist

i think they get this look from lindsy lohan's drink detector or drug she wore a metal circle thingie on her ankle

Confashion said...

Honey… your marc fetish is as bad as my chanel’s so I can totally relate ;)

Confashion said...

the latest animes in kuwait
I admire your honesty and your daring fashion approach :)

Anonymous said...

No way , I won't be wearing this trend ! even if it was Chanel .
Me ;)


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