Monday, October 8, 2007

News Flash: New Juicy Couture Collection at Villa Moda

New delivery for Juicy Couture Autumn/Winter 2007 has arrived at Villa Moda Shuwaikh, Mubarikiya, and Al Fanar.


Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Did you happen to notice if it included the Terry Basic Zip Hoodie? Not to be confused with the Velour Basic Zip Hoodie. Not sure if it's new or not but I recently saw it on MTV's Sweet Sixteen movie (even though I'm more into high street fashion, on principle) and fell in love with it. If you have, please answer back a.s.a.p. and lemme know. If not, no worries :) Thanks either way, sugah!

Nera said...

where is it located in fanar and villa moda? coz i've been there several times but i didn't spot it

Ramadan Knights said...

Whatever happened to Villa Moda Al Manshar?! Prolly got taken down by a Man Shark?

Confashion said...

As far as I can remember, I only saw the velour tracksuits and fleece. But maybe the terry ones were at Mubarikiya or al fanar?

Anytime :)

Villa Moda Al Fanar is right next to Athlete's foot on mezzanine 1.

ramadan knights
I don't think it will open anytime soon for some reason :|

Anonymous said...

Villa Moda Al-Manshar opening in February 08


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