Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Get yourself some Ksubis from Closet Candy

Thanks to Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, now we all know and love Ksubi (formerly Tsubi) jeans, the hip and youth-oriented Australian denim label. If you're ever looking for a killer pair of jeans, then hunt these puppies down at Closet Candy.

It was very fabulous and thoughtful of Closet Candy's owner to share this fashionable news with us. Currently There are 2 different styles of Ksubi’s jeans and 3 color washes for each available at Closet Candy. The sold-out and sought-after Ksubi jeans are easily identified by the classic Ksubi detail (+ +) on the leg or the waistband of the jeans. And you know what's interesting? Ksubi designers make their point on global warming and other related issues on stickers stuck on each pair of jeans. They're super sassy and street-chic looking.

Here are some of our favorite celebrities spotted wearing Ksubi's in the same washes available now at Closet Candy.

Closet Candy is located at Mohamed Thunayan Alghanim St, Al-Salhiya, Kuwait. For inquires, please call (+965) 241-0667.


leeli said...

great jeans love them
but is that a catherine malandrino shoe i see next to the jeans in the first pic?
just wondering

Confashion said...

Nope, they're Charlotte Ronson Suede Booties :)

zephyr said...

tres cute candy..but gag! since when is lohan anyone except a trash tabloid's favorite celeb!!


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