Friday, September 21, 2007

Giles Deacon Gold Collection at New Look Avenues

If you thought you could never afford to buy Giles's fabulous creations, think again. Giles Deacon collaborated with New Look to offer a collection called "Gold", four times a year. And this week Gold by Giles collection hit New Look shop located on the 1st floor of the Avenues.

I was surprised that there was no big advertising campaigns to promote Giles collection through out the streets of Kuwait. It's so unlikely of Al-Shaya'a Group to do that. Maybe they thought that Giles is unpopular? (gasp!). Anyways, here are some items of the collection displayed in store now.

Black clutch with crystals KD 12

Stripped sandals KD22

Bracelets with golden studs KD 8 each

Black long t-shirt with metallic stripes KD 10.500

Stripped black & white skirt KD 15

Blue and printed pleated blouse KD 17 each

I heart Giles. Remember my previous post on the biker chic Giles for Mulberry bags? And how about that to-die-for Giles evening dress from Alothman? As much as I heart Giles, his New Look collection at Avenues Kuwait didn't do it for me. Well, except for his big bracelets with golden studs. It looked a bit cheap and redundant. And most of his pieces which I saw in magazines are not available yet. A big disappointment I know. But Maybe it will get better? No?

Giles Deacon designed 35-piece collection of skinny jeans, sequined cotton mini dresses, tulip hemmed skirts, silk tunics with vivid prints, fully lined sateen coats, and some of the most fabulous accessories, such as huge bracelets, tiger necklaces, diamante brooches and oversized sunglasses. Drew Barrymore is the face of Gold by Giles Deacon. And you can see her and his collection by clicking here. I liked all the stuff Drew wore. What do you think?


um-miT3ib said...

omg the prices !!

and i love the clutch !

Confashion said...

Yeah... VERY affordable :)


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