Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dar il Salhiya.. A New Gallery For Your Exhibitions

If Juicy Couture's store had a Kuwaiti version of it, it would be pretty much like "Dar il Salhiya". No, I'm not referring to the tracksuits. I'm referring to the interior design of the store. Dar il Salhiya is the latest addition to galleries which you can rent at if you wish to have an exhibition. It's very similar to Bait Badra or Villa Karizma in concept.

Located next to Salhiya Complex where Sari House used to be, Dar il Salhiya is divided into 6 sections available for rent. One of the sections has been specifically designed for accessories. And one of the other sections has a dedicated fitting room. The prices of the rent is reasonable, for instance, The accessories section would cost KD 40 per day. The interior is nice but I felt it was a bit gloomy for a gallery. But I like it's location, at least it's close to the underground parking opposite to Salhiya Complex. Here are some photos of the place.

I loved this girly pink glass & wood cabinet but unfortunately, it was not for sale. It's part of the interior. If you're interested to rent at Dar il Salhiya, you can call them at (+965) 2406001.


Ra-1 said...

It is my uncle's!
when did u exactly come and took these photos, I did not see u heh :)

Confashion said...

Please ask him if the pink cabinet is for sale or not :P

farida said...

Hi Confashions,

Please go back to pret a souk and check out the new gift bags, ideally suited for Ramadan as it is a gift-giving time. So cheap and so so beautiful, wow!!!!!! It definitely needs a special mention by you on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I did not like the place ! it's too pinkish .The only advantage is the parking .

Anonymous said...

Lol farida,, I do agree about the bags.. =D
It seems there's loads more to come.. hehe.. So excited.. I guess confashions is gonna kill u and me for bringing up pretasouk so much.. LOLS..

Confashion said...

Thanks for the update :) will check it out..

Confashion said...

As they say: location.. location.. lovcation :)

On the contrary, I'm grateful for the updates ;)

Fashion Vulture said...

Dar Salhiya looks very not-so proper for its ground floor location inside of a dilapidated 60s era building - one of several still haunting a mostly fashion forward Kuwait City.

embrace tomfoolery said...

Dar il Salhiya is very chic but wait till you've visited "Libido -The Gallery", in Rawda. Man, I tell you the place is something else : a rare marriage between urban bohemia and Majlis al umma sophistication making it a most atmospheric space to be in;this side of the Gulf.
All you lounge lizards go check out their underground lounge bar & Turkish hammam


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