Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Webby Wednesday -

Admit it. Deep down in your heart, you just love it when someone exclaims how unusual & stylish your ensemble is or ask you enviously "From where did you get it!, it's sooo original!". And you give them that devilish smirk, which usually deciphers to "I ain't telling ya honey!".

Well, I'm always on a quest to find clothes designed by the most mysterious and hard-to-find designers. It's not that easy, especially on the web. Until I came upon this site: features three extensive product lines by talented Finnish designers: clothing, accessories and interior design items.

My favourite item is this Macet Dress which costs $245. Perfect for late night Semi formal dinner. It can be worn for summer and winter .

I also liked this funky looking Keisarinkruunu mouse pad for around KD 6.

For the time being, they only accept US addresses. However, they do have a dedicated number for international calls: (212) 628-8400.

Happy Webby Shopping everyone!


Carlsb3rg said...

The dress looks like something you'd wear at your high school prom (plus braces) and all the popular kids would make fun of you ;p

You can order the dress/pad if you want via Aramex or UShopWeShip.

Anonymous said...

Marimekko is a Finnish textile design compay - kiitos is the nyc branch....they have been around a long time and their fabrics, clothing and household items typically increase in value for vintage collectors....their international site is: there are shops in many places - most don't have a web site though ...there is a shop in Dubai


Happy shopping:)

Yara said...

I love it when ppl tell me that :)

I wish we can shop at villa moda online

Confashion said...

Lately I've been digging the preppy/prom look. That's why I liked the dress :P With a little bit of eccentric accessories, it would like smashin'!

that's very interesting. I didn't know that! Especially the fact that it's actually being sold in Dubai! Thanks :))

Wala I've been thinking about that a couple of days ago! It would be sooooo convenient!

Carlsb3rg said...

Does braces count as accessories? :P

Confashion said...

Nope :P


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