Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Queen Najdiya

Remember my previous post on Princess Najdiya Slippers? And that I fell in love with them but Pret-a-souk was selling them for little trendy girls? Well, guess what? Today's my lucky day, because Pret-a-souk is now selling the women's collection of Najdiya slippers. They have them in gold, bronze, and silver and they're selling out really fast! My favourite are the silver ones. And they only cost KD 24 (A bargain!). They would go perfectly with the daraa'at and kaftans which I'm planning to buy and wear for Ramadan.

I would like to personally thank "Anonoymous" for inspiring me to write this small post. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

yaaaay.. I love the silver ones too.. aren't they beauts.. I bought one of them too.. hehe.. I'm a pretasouk freak so,, I'll keep you updated on their latest stuffs.. :)
Take care now..

Lynn said...

Wow wee, those slippers are oh so super. Well done to Preta Souk. Extremely well chosen items on sale there. I must get to them before they are sold out.

Ansam said...

I got my Najdiya from a friend on my birthday 3 years ago.. but she had it made specially for me in Soug Al Mubarakiya for a lot more than KWD 24.000! It was around KWD 75-90!!

centi said...

its my first time on this blog and I like the style, so i will stay with you guys for updates. I definitely think Preta Souk is so exciting. I think the clothes are nice and trendy and i will look forward to some nice additions for the ramadan season. Are there any chances for prayer mats? I think they would go well at this time.

malani said...

good to know some people do think it necessary to do something special as the ramadan season approaches. Preta Souk needs a pat on the back for that. I visited to see if I could get some nice modern scarves. Hopefully they will come up in the new items soon??? C'mon guys, speak up and lets get this going!!!!!!!

Confashion said...

Thanks! Keep them coming :)

I did notice that the sizes are running out fast. So you'd better be a quick decision maker :)

Yeah I remember those! I even remember how shocking it was for me to know that a najdiya would cost that much!

Welcome to my blog :) Hope you'll always like what you read here. I'm not sure if they'd be selling prayer mats...

what was your fave item on pret-a-souk?

Malani said...

I do think Mazar is good and Jazz too. These seem more real than many of the other designers. The odd patches dont appeal to me. I love the paintings and wall frames and I am sure a variety would bring fast sales. The entire foot wear is excellent and I am sure will get wiped out this ramadan. Good luck Pret-a-Souk.

Farida said...

Thanks Queen for these little titsy bitsy news. So right of everyone browsing before ramadan. Good Luck Pret a Souk and may you have all the success during the season. Ramadaan Kareem to all you lovely guys there.

Confashion said...

I agree.. Jazz's nice too. It's a change to see ethnic and traditional items being sold online.

Thanks and Ramadan kareem to you too ;)

Orangina fadidra said...

very cute, tho it was there 2 years ago plus u can choose you'r color, crystals, animal skin like tiger, giraffe,all the metallic colors too ..

However, the last pic was new and love it!

Anonymous said...

There's a new turkish designer on pretasouk. To my knowledge she likes using light silk material. I bought one of the Turquoise Garden. It's truely remarkable the way these designers design stuff. When I saw it I thought they sent me the wrong size, but when I put it on, it made me look small than my size. Funny thing, was that all my friends thought I lost weight in 1 day. lol. But im personally waiting on new stuff from Mazar, Jazz and Berna Erman. I love their collection.

Mariam Al Sarraf said...

Yes thats so right. The new designer is quite remarkable. The style is easy and can be worn for formal or casual. I also am impressed with the variety of Jazz. No time to get fed up, so to say. This is definitely the best online shopping site in Kuwait. They dont press on with any stuff but are so selective and classic. Ramadaan Kareem to all of you.

Roula said...

Thanks Confashions for bringing us this nice news. Please let us see some good additions during ramadan to make our Eid shopping easy. Ramadaan Kareem.

Anonymous said...

hey there, I searched out the site to check if there is any items with a scarf. There is one. Sahara Elegance. Its a kaftan along with a scarf. Check it out. It might be your keeper this ramadan. ;)
Good luck everyone for this ramadan.

Suha said...

Even though I am only a window shopper, always strapped for cash, I do so enjoy reading all these comments on Pret a Souk. Lovely and refreshing, as the things on the site are. I hope I can collect enough to buy myself something nice for Eid. I look forward to seeing some new stuff soon. Ramadaan Kareem to Confashions.

Anonymous said...

hehe,, so cute suha.. =D
Inshallah Khair..
I'm so excited for this ramadan..
I bought so many darras and waiting to show them off @ iftar.. hehe..
kh kh kh..

Confashion said...

Ramadan Kareem to you all ;) and you are more than welcome to my blog. Hope to always meet and exceed your expectations :)

Tota said...

hi confashions,
I please request you to keep us updated on this site pret a souk as often as you come across some nice stuffs as this was absolutely enjoyable and I sincerely believe this site should be featured more than just once-in-a-while. I hope the pret a souk people are watching this as a huge encouragement and bravo for the good things they sell. Me and my friends love the site.

CN said...

I was wondering what happened to pret-a-souk.com? I'm trying to access their site but I keep getting a msg saying url not found.


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