Sunday, August 26, 2007

Karl Lagerfeld Magnificent Creation

The moment I saw those Chanel sunglasses in fashion magazines and on the runway, I thought to myself these are definitely "runway" item only. I couldn't see myself wearing them. But after seeing our fashion muse Nicole Richie channeling the Chanel look, I was like damn that girl can pull off anything! Literally! She looks fabulous in those quirky round shaped glasses!

Those sunnies are from Chanel's Spring/Summer 2007 collection. It's sooo unlike Nicole to be 2 seasons late on this trend (gasp!). I'm guessing they're being sold for no less than KD 250.

I want them. I know there is a big possibility that I'll look ridiculous in them and you know what? I couldn't care less. I'm off to look for it in every optician in Kuwait. Wish me luck.


New Bride said...

dear do ever think about anyone if u like it khlaaaa9 go for it :)

wish u luck dear if lo kint mo mt7ajba chan i searched for it with u walah but mo 7lwaa 3laa mt7ajba :)

good luck dear

New Bride said...

amebeeh badleyah i meant do not ever think about anyone :)

Anonymous said...

Nicole Seems to wear it EVERYWHERE. In My Personal Opinion She looks like a Bug! It Doesn't Look Good On her.
Well. Go for it If You Like it =D

Confashion said...

new bride
Thank you very much ;) I'm still searching...

chinese eyes
True.. but the bug look is in :P Once my frd asked me how would she know if her sun glasses are trendy or not, and I told her "if they make you look like a baggah (bug) then you look right on trend". :P

4 said...

i really like big sunglasses but they never seem 2 fit my face's shape =S

Ansam said...

I dont follow trends.. I follow what I like ;-)

As a matter of fact trends, or as we call'em here habba" turn me offff!

Confashion said...

It's a matter of taste I guess :)

As much as I hate to admit it, I do follow trends but i try hard not to follow a trend that makes me look or feel uncomfortable (mind u, I don't always succeed) :P once I see the trend turns into a uniform.. I quit instantly and start looking for the next trend..


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