Thursday, August 23, 2007

Give your nails a royal treatment

It's the weekend. Every where you go is cramped with people. Your mom doesn't want to go to the chalet. The shops are still selling last season's stock. And your hair is not looking quite right (damn you curling iron!!).
So here's what you need to do. Call your girlfriends, gather at your cozy house, wear something very comfy, and let Queen Nails pamper you.
No, it's not another fast fix-it nail treatment. Queen Nails is a sensual experience that is both refreshing and calming. And best of all? it is done at the comfort of your home. And that's what I did last weekend. I had my girlfriends over. The nail specialists were right on time. Dressed in black sharp uniforms and pulling a neat & small black suitcase. They greeted us with their soft & friendly voices. Presented each one of us with a bright pink rose. Then started setting up the place. Large black pots filled with black stones, pink rose petals, some oils, and warm water. They lit up some candles and served us warm green tea. They had their CD player turned on, and soft spa-like music was playing at the background. For a second I honestly thought I was at a spa! We had The Queen M & P, a soothing manicure and pedicure with lavender scrub, lavender mask, and ends with a shoulder massage.
Give them a call! Nothing beats getting your nails buffed at home, with your girls, a nice cup of tea, and some juicy gossip.
Tel.: 5080746


CeCe said...

Wow! Didn't know they have these things in Kuwait. Thank you!

Ansam said...

Yeah I wrote about them on my blog a couple of weeks ago... LOVED their service :-) I did the same lavender treatment and I wanna do the paraffin one "Her Majesty The Queen" in the first given opportunity heehee

Anonymous said...

والله فكرة وايد حلوه وتغيير لمه ايمع انا ورفيجاتي مشكوره

Confashion said...

You're welcome ;)

Oops! I didn't know that :) I just read your post. Great minds "post" alike :) I loved them! they're so much fun!

You're welcome. You must try it out with your friends :)

gothica xpress said...

Yeah, yeah......people all around you are suddenly dying to know what to wear and how to accessorize while in detention. The nail treatment can wait for afters.

Ansam said...

LOL i like the "great mind post alike" Cute heehee

Shoush said...

Wow. I was about to say omg not another nail bar, but after reading the review.. wow. That's impressive.

Confashion said...

gothica xpress
It's not only a nail treatment. It's a session for you to de-stress & relax.

Thanks ;)

You can also read ansam's experience with them here:

They're really good!

C Lover said...


Nails 2 U came with the mobile nail services a year ago and they have a new cool sweet tooth menu. I also recommend checking it out

SaBaChA said...

jarabthom e3agdooooon .. shmoo3 o mosega hadya o tea o ely yeshta'3lon wayed mratbeen kil shay pink o aswad ...
mehtameen 7ag agal eltafa9eel ..
ma agool ela alah ewafeghom enshalaah .
mashalaah wayed ely msaweta
tab3ana 3aleeeh ..


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