Saturday, August 25, 2007

Copy Cat: Kate Bosworth's Dress

How many of you skimmed the pages of People magazine or US weekly and coveted the amazing ensembles worn by our favourite celebs? Copy Cat is a new feature on Confashions From Kuwait where we show you pics of your favourite celebs and where can you get their outfits.

So here's a recent photo of Kate Bosworth chilling in LA wearing an Alice + Olivia dress with black leggings (I'm glad she beefed up a little!). I'm not crazy about Kate's ensemble here. She hit all the wrong notes. But I like how's model pulled it off. You can purchase this dress online for $297 (around KD 85).

Even though I hate the color of the dress, I actually like the design & the rosette detail on it. I know I know, summer's over. But with a nice preppy black jacket and thick wool tights, this dress can be worn for fall.


CeCe said...

Not bad at all!

Yara said...

Cute ... I wanted to ask you something.. now that i got my aramex account (yay!) and i looooove fashion magazines, and now i can subscribe to them thanks to aramex. But should i subscribe to them? Or just get them every month like i do now?

Anonymous said...

yara its not worth the hassle to get them thru aramex.. u have to pay 2.5KD a month for the package from the aramex+ the amount of the magazine 7ata lo yi6la3lich like 500 fils per magazine, its still not worth it.. you can either get it thtrough international shipping aw regularly thru bookshops

Yara said...

yeah your right Thanks alot :)

Chinese Eyes said...

Not bad =D I Mean It Look waaaay much better on the Model Then on Kate.I think the color Sucks, It's too Dull. The Details on the Top Look Good. At least they made the dress look not that terrible. I'm So Excited about " COPY CAT " Can't wait to see whatcha Going to post the Next time!!

Yara said...

Sienna Miller is wearing the same dress but in ice blue and longer version by Marchesa

The pic is in the August issue of InStyle with mandy moore in the cover

Confashion said...

I guess so ;)

I agree with anonymous, it's not worth it to get your magazines through Aramex. There used to be an advantage of getting them earlier but now even in Kuwait the magz are received early. The only thing I'm not sure of is the international shipping for magz. I'm not sure how reliable is that...

Do you get your magazines through international shipping? If so, are they reliable?

Chinese eyes
I hate the color! very boring..
Thanks ;) I'm working on it.

The Marchesa dress was first thing I thought about when I see the one on kate. Almost identical..


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