Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Webby Wednesday - has the largest collection of pajamas & lounging attire I have ever seen online . You'll find a huge selection of cute, fun & funky PJ brands. One of the things I liked on this website is the Salvage Geisha Green Sateen Cotton Pajama (shown here) sold for $78. I must admit though navigating the site is a little bit confusing and you get a bit overwhelmed by the info and the links.

Their sites claims that their PJs are worn by celebs such as Eva Langoria, Lindsay Lohan, and Hillary Duff. Celebs or no celebs, snuggle up in something cute. And I assure you that you won't find anything as adorable in any of Kuwait's stores. We lack cute & funky PJs of good quality. So people who want to start a business, take note.


EniGma said...

yay! i (heart) pyjamas!

Yusef said...

Why pyjamas? Well for a bachelor I prefer my boxers and t-shirt because hey... I am at home alone and it's more comfortable... why the headache? Confashion... I need some advice... I bought a pair of top sider shoes and stepped in water... the water stained the leather... how do i get rid of the stains?

Ansam said...

I like your pick.. its a nice pajama.

Yusef.. I think its better of you can take it to shoe cleaners (good one is in Rawda Co-op or Nuzha Co-op)
They do good job.. and I like their honesty.. when they think they cant do it they tell you we cant do it..

Confashion said...

me 2! and I love PJs + hot drink (like coco or chay 7aleeb + chit chatting with my friend :)

I agree with ansam, the guys at Rawdha Co-Op do a great job with shoes. I suggest you go there. Alternatively, I found this great advice on removing stains on

Confashion said...

Thank you sweetie ;)

Anonymous said...

I like pyjamas, they make me feel cosy.

Confashion said...

Then I suggest you browse the site. you'll find the cutest PJs ever! :)

Yusef said...

Confashion and Ansam... you ladies are great! Thank you!


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