Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Spy who faked me...

Remember the Fendi Spy bag hype back in 2005? It was the most sought after bag style by fashionistas around the world. I loved this bag. It was, and and to a certain extent still is, a big hit.

Recently while doing my errands, I came across this (the photo above) and I was shocked to the bone. "What is this?!! Nooooo, it can't be! Is it? YES it is!". Never have I imagined, not in a million years, to see snake skin metallic Fendi's Spy bag ungracefully sitting on the shelf of a tacky little store inside Shamiya's Co-Op, next to nasty & ugly replicas of Coach bags. And of course it is a faux Spy too. Unfortunately, the store was closed, or I would have asked about the price and checked the bag out.

When I see faux designer bags I feel cheated on coz, Ain't nothing like the real thing baby. My rule of thumb is, if you can't afford to buy a designer bag, then please don't buy the mirror bag. There's nothing wrong with buying & carrying a good qaulity handbag off the high-street.

Would you buy a fake replica designer Bag?


New Bride said...

waaaaaaaaaaay i hate these stuff , look it is ok for me to hold Guess bag , or any bag from Top Shop and H&M but i will never ever carry a knock off

Ansam said...

Never.. because if I would... then the first person I would be cheating and lying to is ME!

(I bought my Fendi last November.. the Moncler Spy in red - Limited edition.. so mine was late 2006 edition)

Yara said...

Never :/ Even a real bag that i feel looks fake like monogram bags, i dont get.. coz a7tar ashof wa7da with a fake

Confashion said...

new bride
You're right, there's nothing wrong with carrying a high-street bag. But girls puhleeease, don't carry LV or Fendi Replicas.. That's just looks bad & cheap.

I totally agree.. I don't think there are replicas of your limitied edition spy.. at least not that I know of.

you know sth? It's been a while since I last bought a monogram bag..

albandry said...

well said grl
am behind u 100%
i hate fake bags
and i have to admit because my trip to south asia i was stunned by he amount of fake bags that i bought me 2
o allah wakeelch tewaza3oo wala enlabsoo wala marra
i have to keep my appearences

and am also known as the spy bag freak so am offended to see such a bag in shamia co op
and i get really upset when i see the wrong people carring the wrong fake spy
it really hurts
and hurts me more when i have a limited edition sybag and someone approches me to ask from where ur bag????? and how much?????

believe me i act like i didnt hear them in the first place and carry on my walk

Anonymous said...

hi Darlings, i was just wondering if any of u have worked a day in your life? have u ever lifted a finger to earn that bag you so proudly claim is original?
I see nothing wrong in carrying a knock off, style is the way you carry things and not how much u spent on it. Just because daddy didnt give us his credit card, by no means states we must limit our bags to high street no names.
I actually find it funny that anyone wld spend the full amount on some bags when many celebrities settle for knock-offs, Having lived in china and seen the bag industry first hand, im sorry to say that many times the only difference between the original and a faux is that company ordered too manyand decided not to import all to its store and the excess/overflow, instead of being dumped is being sold on the back streets.

Confashion said...

I think when someone asks you about your bag, you should take it as a compliment. That means people like your sense of style. ;)

I agree with you, it's not a nice feeling to see replica designer bags :)

welcome to my blog :)

I respect your point of view and I can see where you’re coming from. But believe me, now a days, a lot of the women you see carrying or wearing designer duds have actually bought their stuff using their hard earned money. It gives them a feeling of independence whether they're living off their father's account or not.

I have done my research on replica bags and found out that factories in Russia, Korea, and China are producing a mix of genuine & fake goods at the same time. One day the factory produces genuine articles for a supplier order and the next day it changes production to do an equally large, but counterfeit production run of the same product. This is called Counterfeiting. It is wrong, it is illegal, and it is threatening the profits of the original design houses. By the way, this includes not only bags, but also medicine which is even hazardous. imagine taking a medicine made of fake ingridients. Or you car's sapre part are fake.

Why should I buy a replica when I can get a bag (designer or not designer) of great quality that will last me for years? Most designer bags are usually crafted with top quality materials and made with fine hardware, as opposed to replicas.

Again, this is my personal opinion and all views are respected in my blog :)

KrazyKat said...

@ Confashion

I see exactly where Anonymous is coming from. This may seem like flaming but here goes ......

You say that a lot of these girls work to buy their duds, that may be true, but I am SURE that each and every one of them, including you ConFashion, have a FAUX 'skeleton in your closet', so before anyone goes pointing fingers at anyone else, remember that three are pointing back at you.

Also, why is anyone on the blog judging everyone else. If someone else wants to buy the FAUX, you should let them. How does it make any difference to your life? Are you spending your money to buy it for them? Who cares if people want to buy the worst looking replica? You don't know where they are coming from. Everyone has a right to buy/live/eat whatever they want. It's disappointing to see people with stoneage mentality in this world...

Confashion said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

As I said in my previous comment. I welcome all opinions. And It’s a matter of personal taste. I’m not pointing fingers here (for example like assuming that others do buy faux stuff even if they say they don’t). I’m not forcing you to do anything nor am I here to judge you. You can choose to accept it or argue about it. I’m simply stating my opinion freely about something that I don’t like.

To accept others’ opinions, whether you agree or disagree with them, is a reflection of how open minded you are. Let’s agree to disagree. That’s the whole point of commenting in blogs. It makes them more fun. As simple as that. :)

KrazyKat said...


Do YOU have any FAUX items that you want to come out about? :P

also, you are absolutely right. Everyone has a right to make their own argument, but not at the risk of taking away the civil rights of others :) ( I think fashion is a civil right, :) ) Anyway, love your blog it makes a very interesting read.

Confashion said...

would you believe me if I said I don't have any faux item inside my closet? :P

Anyways, Thank you very much and I hope you'll love it even more in the future :)

miss ghesquiere said...

excuse moi, darlings, but i dont beleive any of you are adressing the REAL issue here. counterfieting bags is Intellectual Property THEFT!!! its STEALING! oh, and not only that but they illegally employ CHILDREN and exploited adults to work 20 hour shifts with a kit-kat sized bunk beds to rest on with 26 other girls in a room the size of your fridge and just as cold in the winter. they are extremely underpaid, earning less than 150 fils a DAY for backbreaking work! the workers are so worthless to the company that one winter 6 teenage girls were poisoned by charcoal fumes from their small fire at night (it was so cold and they could afford nothing else) and the owner of the company sent them to be cremated immediately. they later discovered that two of the girls hadnt been dead at the time of cremation. they had been burned ALIVE! and this is normal! trafficking in fake goods is a 400 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY PER YEAR! it makes the boss very very rich and funds drug cartels, child labour and TERRORIST GROUPS! so anonymous, before you give me that independance BS you should do your research. i buy my originals with integrity and respect for design and quality darling, cause there aint no daddy in my life!

Anonymous said...

yes I would because anybody would be nuts to spend that much money on the real thing..a $1,00 purse, now thats a rip off.

vanilaqt said...

Oh my! lool these comments are hilarious !!!


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