Friday, July 20, 2007

Prada Goes eBay Style

Going once.. going twice.. Gone! Yup, it's the Prada online auction of designer prototypes originally created for the catwalk of the Fall/Winter 2007 season.

Through July 25, Prada will be auctioning 24 one-of-a-kind pieces. None of the items have appeared or been produced in the colors or materials for the masses (that's you and me darling). The 24 items will be posted in increments every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a 7 day auction. There are currently nine items up for grabs. My fave? The Aquamarine gradient green & silver bag. And you know what's fun? Watching the bidding history. This bag started at 639 euros and now it has reached 1,600 euros.

Apparently, the proceeds of the sale will benefit a medical research facility in Italy. So you can actually convince yourself that you are doing a selfless good deed by bidding online.. Prada Style that is.


elaine.ess said...

wana ashooooof ams i get online and i see 3alamat il courthouse mo6riga mawjooda on the page ! they are such great items o they're definitely an investement :)

Confashion said...

Some of the sold/won items were absolutely gorgeous! Even the ones that are still in auction are a piece of art!


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