Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nejoud Boodai's Boutique at Salhiya

OK, I must admit, I only found out about N.B: Boutique a couple of days ago while walking around Salhiya complex. Apparently, my discovery is 6 months old. Anyways, I decided to post about it because I liked what I saw. It was like a darling gem of an accessories boutique.
N.B: Boutique is owned by Kuwaiti Designer and entrepreneur Nejoud Boodai. As I stepped into the boutique, I was mesmerised by the interior of the store, the sweet smell of vanilla extract, and the yummy looking mini cup cakes served as part of the interior.
You will find a variety of accessories such as day bags, evening clutches, jewelry, belts, casual & dressy sandals, evening shoes and home accessories, from chic new designers. What excited me the most about this store is the large selection of Pedro Garcia shoes. I love his shoes! They are high-end fashionable looking and elegantly designed worn by celebs like Victoria Beckham & Cate Blanchett.
Most items were moderately priced. And the good news? They are having 30 to 50% off. The Boutique is located at Salhiya Complex, Mezzanine 2. For more info, you can call them at 24 99 333.
You can read more about the store here. I found this like when I googled N.B: Boutique.


Ansam said...

I've hear that the initials N.B stands for Notebook and not Nujood Boodai, can you believe this? heehee

Confashion said...

It could be... you know, probably that's very much true coz I saw N.B: Boutique branded notebooks at the store...

Ansam said...

LOL hear = heard
it was 12:40 AM waaaaaaaaaay late for my bedtime :-P

Confashion said...

it's ok.. ma7ad shaf :P

Anonymous said...

so the store doesn't belong to nejoud !?

Confashion said...

No no.. it does belong to Nejoud Boodai but maybe the N.B: Boutique stands for Notebook and not her name..


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