Thursday, July 26, 2007

Deena.. The Princess of Fashion

I would like to present you with my latest fashion muse. Saudi Princess Deena Abdulaziz. Not only her wedding dress was designed by Azzedine Ala├Ća, but also Mr. Christian Louboutin named a shoe after her. Every season you will find her invited to the most prestigious fashion shows, front row of course, where she'll be either scouting new talents for her business, or simply filling out her fashion appetite (jealous? moi?).

To showcase her inner fashion sense, the princess of fashion opened her own museum-like boutique/cafe, D'NA, in her hometown of Riyadh. D'NA is the Saudi's answer to Al-Othman & Villa Moda. She has been featured in Vogue,, New York magazine, Alf magazine, Thouq magazine, and New York Times Style.

I must say I feel very proud to have someone like Princess Deena in this region who is inspiring, elegant, and a creative entrepreneur, plus works in a field I'm so passionate about. I wonder how she's like in person. Below are some pictures of her exclusive members only boutique.


Sara Shuaibi said...

Wow! This is something new. I've honestly never heard of her. She looks adorable and so glamurous! Love the fancy lounge shown in the site. Thanks!

Carlsb3rg said...

Now thats a good looking princess for a change ;p

EniGma said...

wowww mashallah she's soooo beautiful and so's her husband! so jealous hehehe inshallah allah yarzegny eb wa7id chethee :D

Confashion said...

She is very elegant, that's for sure!
you're welcome :)

There are/were some good looking princesses/queens around the world like Queen Rania and Princess Diana, wouldn't you agree? :)

haha inshallah
She is pretty and trendy mashalla. :)

Yara said...

Yesterday i recieved an email about her. Allah ywafegha enshallah ..
In the email there were pictures of her house, WOW its as stylish and elegant as she is .. i saved them for ideas for my future house inshallah :) If you want i can forward them to u

Carlsb3rg said...

Princess Diana? Rania? naaaaah. Well they were not ugly, but they were average looking.

Confashion said...

Yes please! I'd love to! Thanks ;)

To me, they all look/ed very good looking :)

Chinese Eyes said...

Impressive. I Never knew anything about her before. I'm too Glad =']

4 said...

she's amazing.. i also love queen rania's look.. she's like a model mashallah o she's sooo pretty.. i love her sense of style

albandry said...

wow with a hsband like that i could fly to the mooooooooon
mashalla ya i heard a bout her before but i didnt know she has a bussiness in fashion\wow good for her

way to go dina
and confashion u never know maybe ur next in line :*

princess thouq-abaya said...

In life as in death Dodi's Di truly remains the people's princess. And to most of us in Kuwait, Abdallah's Rania is the girl next door from Amman Street.
But Dina, she's something else I tell you - an Arabian Jackie O of sorts. I have now doubts in my mind she could quite easily don the mantle of the "mutaween's princess". Too bad, though, she is unable to drive a car in her own kingdom or to sit without a veil on a street side cafe in Riyadh reading well,the girls of Riyadh, of course :) Giving credit where it's due she most certainly has an impeccable taste in the finer things in life and as if that's not enough, a horny husband to flaunt.

Anonymous said...

who where? Her money is pretty but sorry she is JEKER 7adha

Confashion said...

chinese eyes
Yeah I was really impressed by her style and ambition.

both of them are true fashion icons :)

Hahaha.. Thanks ;**

princess thouq-abaya
I hope on the long run Deena will not only be involved in fashion but also in charity and maybe in politics to make a better community and set a good example for women in Saudi and the GCC region :)

il nas athwaaq ;)

I find her sense of style is beyond pretty :)

Chroma-Trauma said...

I read about her in Vogue. I wasn't impressed with her interview!! She stated that she loves Dubai for it's Bars and Alcohol ( Bars !!!!) .. I was so disgusted by this comment and I wouldn't like a woman (like her) represent me.

In addition, Why her museum is members only? She didn't explain in the interview!! It was more about her lifestyle and her sense of fashion ?!?!?!

Confashion said...

Do you have a soft copy of her Vogue interview? I'm interested to read what she said. Actually it didn't cross my mind why is her store is for members only.. you're right about this. It slipped my mind...

deema said...

yara send me the email plz if u dont mind! thank you!

Anonymous said...

her name is not deena abdulaziz her real name is deena aljihany she is married to a princ, and FYI christian loubotan didnt name the shoe after her he named it after dina the egyptian dancer.


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