Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Burberry Prorsum in Alraya

Seriously, did any of you knew that Burberry Prorsum collection was actually being sold at Burberry store here in Kuwait?! How come I never knew about it! I feel hurt & betrayed! And you know what was even more annoying is that I clearly remember I had speciafcally asked the saleswoman at Burberry Al Raya if they sell Burberry PRORSUM collection and she answered me with a firm and assertive "NO".
Anyways, to my surprise I found those 3 pieces left from the collection on Burberry's sale rail. And I liked them all:
  • The pink lace & cotton dress, woven with silver and pink metallic thread. Perfect for formal evening events. Was KD 841, now KD 547.
  • The seventies inspired graphic print tunic dress in a pale green. The bracelet sleeves are finished with layered pleated panels, which is repeated on the hem. Beautiful piece, but overpriced. Was KD 849, now KD 552.
  • The gorgeous buttery brown leather evening trench coat with 3/4 sleeves adorned with huge colored swarovski crystals. This piece is stunning. The photo Just does not do it Justice. Was KD 2,500, now KD 1,625.

It's not worth it to buy the pieces but they are definitely worth the watch (and wear!).


4 said...

i have a "confashion" 2 make.. i'm in love with ur blog!
keep up the good work ;)

Ansam said...

The second piece (pale lime green one) is screaming: IRON ME! I cant believe that this is an item to be displayed in a reputable store such as burberry's! They are nice pieces.. Honestly, I am not a big fan of Burberry!

New Bride said...

love love your blog :)

wooow zooga el dresses (mt3agda mn my dress :P ) but the green one hmmmm i guess 3adee :) any way love your thoq ;)

Anonymous said...

do you ever buy anything you post on ur blog or do u only sneak pictures in a dressing room?

Confashion said...

Thanks you have a good taste ;P

haha! I KNOW!! It looked "akshakh" in the runway photo.
I'm not a fan of their checked style but I do like some of the Burberry Prorsum pieces. :)

new bride
You're right, the green one is simple and it can be easily copied if you know a good tailor :)

That's for me to know and for you to keep wondering. :)

Anonymous said...

That answer says it all Confashion how sad

Ansam said...

Confashions, walla you are doing a good job and showing us whats out there.. its not sad, its AWESOMe. Keep up the good work

Confashion said...

you are absolutely right.. It would be sad if that’s all I did. But I didn’t say that, you assumed it. In any case, I believe that it would be difficult for someone to be so passionate about fashion if they were just a window shopper.

Thanks Ansam ;* Believe me, I love what I'm doing ;)

miss ghesquiere said...

oh, yeah, for that you have to be a "special customer". They take you into this backroom and show you the stuff. i think its very pretentious to hide a whole LINE. i mean, with really expensive evening dresses or limited items its okay but not a whole line!

Confashion said...

miss ghesquiere
I agree. To be honest, I was annoyed by that! I mean, aren't we good enough to see the collection or what are they trying to prove! If they had it on propoer display or at least announced about it, it wouldn't have stayed on their rails until the end of the season...


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