Monday, July 9, 2007

Bella Belle

Camilla Belle is my latest fashion icon. She’s got timeless look, the most unforgettably captivating set of eyebrows, and she's absolutely beautiful in an old-Hollywood glamour sort of way. In this picture, dressed in this electric blue Oscar de la Renta dress, she's a sight for sore eyes.

I know she was featured in Vogue four months back but I still feel that the media is not giving her justice. Or maybe the paparazzi are not taking notice? I want to see more of her! I want to see more of her NOW! Calling all paparazzi. Unite and stalk each step Ms. Belle makes. I had enough of Brittney this and Hillary that. I want Belle!

I'm not a stalker, I just let the paparazzies do the stalking for me. Am I crossing the line here? Yeah, I know. I got carried away a bit :) But I just love seeing her and analyzing her sense of style. Such a Bella Belle.


Ansam said...

Was she young Sandra Bullock in "Practical Magic"?

Confashion said...

I'm not sure.. it could be..I haven't seen that movie

Ansam said...

its the one with Nicole Kidman..
Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are witches in the movie, its a good one.. Sandra was amazing!

Confashion said...

eeee! I remember it now.. that was a while back?

New Bride said...

yaaaaha mashalah she is glamours her beauty is strange really she has this strong look in her eyes ........... my hubby loves her i feel jealous heheheh

i remember that movie about a vergin girl with long hair 7adhaa kanat tshweg

Ansam said...

yes in the 1990s :-P

Confashion said...

new bride
I don't remember seeing her in any movie or TV show :\ but she is stunning.. that's for sure.

hehe.. I feel old! :P

Jenny said...

I think Camilla is absolutely AMAZING!!! I've been a fan for years, ever since I saw her in Jurassic Park: The Lost World and Annie:Royal Adventure. She's definately a great actress, and such a beautiful one at that.
I agree with you that she deserves more credit, both for her acting and for her style :)


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