Monday, June 11, 2007

Supersize your Clutch.. Jimmy Choo Style

I know that oversized clutches might not be that practical, you can't just throw them over your shoulder and go. But I'm sooo loving this look! And deep down my heart, I truly believe that the oversized clutch could work, as long as you don’t cram the poor thing with junk and you treat it with a little TLC. and also, if you don’t make it the bag you reach for when running your errands. (shbuga?!)

Recently I paid a visit to my friend Jimmy at Al Salhiya, and I liked what I saw. Liked it too much. I was a bit hesitant on the color though. Black is too.. well you know black for the summer. And I love the white but it doesn't go with my clothes for this summer. I want a vibrant color. I remember seeing the same bag in cobalt blue somewhere and I just wish I could get my hand on it… It would be the bag that I'd carry everywhere (well almost). I won't give up and I'll keep on searching. Oh! and by the way, the bag costs around KD 309.


Ansam said...

Jimmy Choo...
I love youoo


I dont mind the over-sized clutch :-)

Confashion said...

unconditional love :P

Ansam said...

you got it LOL

Zahra said...

I love it too! The clutch is lovely. Yes, it's black but black is always in ;) Did you wind up getting it or just continuing your search for a vibrant color?

Confashion said...

No I didn't get it :|
I still wan that blue color! The shade was AMAZING.. reminded me of the 80's :P

Confashion said...


Social Paradox said...

from one fashion addict to the other I have to say I love ur site, keep up the amazing work!

and check out this color, I'm in love :P

Confashion said...

social paradox
Welcome to my blog :) I'm flattered ;)

I know!! I saw it the other day and fell in love with it too! but it's silver and I already have 2 silver clutches.. I'm still searching for the cobalt blue :|


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