Monday, June 4, 2007

Heard it through the grapevine

  • That Villa Moda will no longer be holding 50% sale as early as June. Yup, we'll have to wait till August to buy those Prada evening sandals.
  • That Rupert the hair stylist and Tej the hair colorist have extended their stay and they will be at bait badra until Thursday 7th June. For reservations, call +(965) 2456161. It's not too late to chop off your fried hair and get a serious makeover.
  • You can find the new Balenciaga gold studded bags at a store in Zahra Complex called "S Style". You will find the store in the basement adjacent to Zahra Cafe. Currently they only have black, & white bags.
  • That (again) Villa Moda Shuwaikh are selling 100% limited edition Cashmere Pashminas. I have no idea of how good they are though.

Update: you can call "S Style" on 5717758 if you have any questions related to the Balenciaga Bags.


Delicately Realistic said...

looooooooooooove the bag!!!

do u know how much theyre going for?

(my bday is in a couple of days)

Ansam said...

Thanks for the Info :-)

Delicately Realistic-
Happy Birthday in advance ;-)

Confashion said...

delicately realistic
Happy Biiiiirthdaaaaaaaaayyy tooo yooou :)

The smaller size was KD 425 and the Large one was around KD 500 I think..
The sales person was telling me that they had all the other colors but they were all sold out..

Confashion said...

you are more than welcome ;)

shoosha said...

7asafa :S dont they have the blue one!! i'm in love with that color, ostoura got it bas it was sold out 3ala 7athy ;(

Confashion said...

The last time I checked they didn't.. But you can call them on 5717758 to inquire.. :)


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