Monday, May 28, 2007

The return of the converse

When traveling, I like checking out what other fashionistas are wearing to get a feel of how trends work in other cultures. During a recent trip I was inspired by what I saw on the streets. The converse sneakers are back with a vengeance. Hollywood gave Converse sneakers a boost. Celebes including Nicole Richie, Amy Winehouse, and Kirsten Dunst have been sporting Converse.

To avoid looking like you’ve just came out from Seventeen magazine issued in the early 80’s, pair your Converse with skinny jeans, rock/icon tee and studded belt – or team them with a cute summer dress.

So time to replace your raggedy Puma’s with a pair of good ol’ converse sneakers. You can find a small collection at the Footlocker at Marina & the Avenues but most of them were high-tops, I prefer lo-top converse. Or you can shop online at or


Ansam said...

I dont wanna limit my option to converse! There are a lot of good low-top sneakers... Chucks are the most popular line of converse.. some people call'em all stars...

I have seen some in other brands (other than converse) like Juicy Couture.. a slip-on sneakers, which I also like.

Also Paul Smith for men.. didnt see any for women and I am not sure if they have'em for women!

I like them... never gave up on them. I am glad they're back :-)

Ansam said...

oh and one more thing.. I can never give up on puma either LOL!

Dont you know.. in Kuwait, the saying goes: "If I were in your pumas" not in your shoes LOL

Confashion said...

I love chucks, I'm getting myself pink ones online :) I haven't seen the Juicy couture ones, do they look nice?

I have 5 pairs of Puma and to me I has enough :P

Confashion said...

has=had :)

Ansam said...

confashion, its a slip on sneaker.. shakla comfy walla but I didnt try it on.. I saw it online

Baroque said...

my legs are big, they look like wooden planks on my feet..

plus, ikh very fad-ish last summer..

Baroque said...

scratch legs.. insert feet ;p

Confashion said...

hmm.. will look them up. :)

still.. I feel like wearing them :P

Gorgeous said...

I <3 converse !!


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