Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Princess Najdiya

Remember a few years back when Najdiya slippers for females were in? For some reason, I didn't buy into this look. The female Najdiyas were not that... well you know.. female-ish! I tried the pink ones one but still, i felt like a 12 years old boy, who's a little too much in touch with his femininity, wearing a flashy Najdiya..
Today, however, I have a different view. I saw those Najdia Slippers on and I'm completely in loooove. Those silver metallic leather Najdiyas are so chic & unique. The only drawback is that what you see here are Najdiyas for little girly girls (sigh). Makes me want to be 10 years old again! They're the perfect gift for for your lovable daughter, sis, or niece.


Amer said...

nice choice, go for it :)

Confashion said...

Thanks Amer.. I just wish they had them in bigger sizes :/

Amer said...

lolll why is the sizes always an issue here?? i have the same problem too, i am very picky with my cloths but when i like something often there are no sizes :P good luck :)

Confashion said...

That's always the case.. they're either sold out or a size smaller/bigger :)


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